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A toast to TheTelescope

Portrait of Susan Whaley
Portrait of Susan Whaley

This isn’t an ordinary class. Students come two hours early, stay until 10 p.m., and even come in on non-class days. Students create here, make friends here and begin their future here. This is the student newsroom.

I started out on the Palomar College student newspaper, The Telescope, as a shaking, terrified staff writer. Four semesters later and it’s time to finally say goodbye.

I went from not-so-good staff writer, to confused sports editor, to editor-in-chief in these last four semesters and I have never been more grateful for an experience. I have learned more about myself than ever before thanks to my adviser, student peers and the newspaper employees.

I have been inspired and humbled by the staff writers and, most of all, the editors I have worked so closely with. From scared writer, unsure of my own ability, I found a family in everyone around me. I found my voice and I found my future dream job.

I want to say farewell to the students and community at Palomar who I have had the honor of reporting the news to as well as learning from along the way.

And thank you to my friends and family who have been forced to listen to me talk about newspaper drama for two years and dealt with me changing plans to work around my newspaper schedule.

After so many sacrifices in my personal life, I can happily look back and know it was worth the hard work, late nights editing and writing, and the five cups of coffee every day.

Goodbye The Telescope. I know the next era of students running the newspaper will do a great job.

Image Sources

  • Susan Whaley 2015: Telescope Staff/The Telescope | All Rights Reserved
  • Susan Whaley 2015: Telescope Staff/The Telescope | All Rights Reserved
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