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Looking for a good hangover cure? Try the headstand pose

After doing yoga for a while, you may want to try something new and challenging. A headstand is the perfect technique for a more fun, invigorating yoga session, that also has many benefits to the body and mind.

Headstands are good for flushing out toxins, so it is especially helpful during cold season, according to “Yoga Cures” by Tara Stiles.

It is also beneficial for curing hangovers, which can be a nasty waste of a day to any college student. Although, I don’t know how many hungover people want to be upside down; at least give it a try.

It can’t be promised this will cure you, but if it does nothing else, it flushes out negative thoughts and worries that linger in the mind. Headstands can get the blood circulating in your body and head, which is a perfect way to start your day before school.

The traditional way of doing a headstand is using the forearms as a foundation, but as a beginner it is easy to start by using your palms to balance. It takes a lot of practice and patience to fully master the headstand technique.

Begin by sitting on your heels. Interlace your fingers and lay your head in your hands for support. Stand up while still keeping your head on the floor and legs straight, with toes touching the ground. Feel this preparation pose out and when you’re ready, slowly walk your feet closer to your body to ailgn your body.

Start by kicking one leg up at a time to get the balance. You will find where your center of gravity needs to be to keep the legs up and straight.

Yoga headstand pose demonstrated by Telescope staff writer Amber Rosario. Stephen Davis / The Telescope
Yoga headstand pose demonstrated by Telescope staff writer Amber Rosario. Stephen Davis / The Telescope

When you are ready to get your legs in the air remember two things:

1: Don’t push pressure on your head. Use your arms for a foundation and use the strength of your core to center your balance.

2: Breathe in. Breathe out. Push all the toxicity out. It also helps to stare at an object in front of you not moving.

Be careful of your neck with the headstand. Lay in Child’s Pose for a minute after the a headstand to relieve pressure or tension in the neck. If it’s painful, don’t try the headstand.

With finals coming up, getting sick from a cold or losing an entire day to a hangover can hopefully be avoided or at least lessened with doing headstands.

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  • Sports.YogaPose_Amber_sm: Stephen Davis/The Telescope | All Rights Reserved
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