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At First Glance: 5 Steps to becoming more social Part 2

Welcome back readers! In my last blog post you were introduced to two important and simple steps in order to become more social in college. With these next three steps you will be sure to succeed in ditching that role as a classroom wallflower and blossom into a social butterfly! Let’s continue with step three.

3. Positive Vibes Are Important

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “Spread Positive Vibes” around campus or on social media at least once or twice. Vibes are the feelings you get when you walk into a room full of people or when you sit next to a stranger on the bus. It is the energy you exude that other people pick up on. You can feel the energy of your peers. When someone is sad or feeling unsociable, you usually know it without him or her having to say a single word. No smile. Arms crossed. Head down. The way they present themselves gives off the feeling of “don’t talk to me.”  When someone is happy, you can feel positivity and excitement radiating from them. Their head is held up high with a smile on their face and many more to share with those around them. More times than not, positivity attracts positivity. Everyone loves to feel happy, and by keeping a positive mindset and carrying yourself with a welcoming, encouraging demeanor the more likely it will be that others will want to associate with you and a connection will be easier to make.


4. Practice Engaging in Conversation

Practice makes perfect! An easy way to shake those “first glance” classroom jitters is to practice your conversational skills in your free time. When you are out running errands in town, use that time to start a conversation with someone in the grocery store, or a server in a restaurant when you are out to lunch. The small steps become giant leaps in the long run. Ask strangers how their day was. Strike up a conversation with the person behind you in line. Without putting in some practice, the initial nervousness you feel when you first meet someone will continue to linger.


5. Welcome New Company

It is not uncommon to be approached by a stranger while on a college campus. Whether it is a club member looking to recruit you to join, or a student asking to share a table for lunch, the idea that you may be approached by someone you have never spoken to is highly likely. Embrace this opportunity! College is the best place to welcome new company. There is so much diversity on a college campus; you have an abundance of different personalities and cultures right at your fingertips. You never know what you may learn from another person until you give them an opportunity to show you. Try to remember: if they are approaching you first, it is probably because they WANT to talk to you. Besides, if you didn’t know them before they approached you, then you have nothing to lose! Take a deep breath and open your mind to the thought of making new and enjoyable connections.


Advice blogger Tamara Eakins
Advice blogger Tamara Eakins


Practice these helpful steps and you will be on your way! Enjoy making connections and embracing new friends this semester. Have fun and check back in next week for more great advice!





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