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Water restrictions are a good idea to help conserve resources

The numbers are scary. This is California’s third driest year in 119 years on record. Students need to get serious about saving water.

The California Department of Water Resources reported that the state’s major reservoirs collectively holds only 60 percent of average storage for the date, or about 41 percent of capacity. It is not much more water than in 1977, California’s driest calendar year on record, where the state had 16 million fewer people.

Students should take an active role in supporting the implementation of the new water restriction. The younger generation has the responsibility to abide by and inform others of changes to sustain the environment. The current system of living is not conducive for the environment to continue providing the nutrients we receive.

This change calls for Californians to become aware of the impending and lasting effects of overuse of water. If this issue is not taken seriously, the generations to come will be less off than the current state of things. What would they have to look forward to? How will they have the same luxuries that previous generations have been afforded?

Effective Nov. 1, the city of San Diego has issued a water restriction for residences, apartments, condominiums and businesses.

Not only has the city implemented a Drought Alert restriction, but there is also a permanent restriction that is in effect regardless of an alert. City officials were prompted to mandate the voluntary restriction, made effective in July, so as to reduce the use of water by at least 20 percent.

San Diego residents and businesses need to be aware of the impending issues surrounding the flippant use of water.

Overuse of water poses as a statewide problem that could lead to a deficit that can not be easily rectified. The mandatory restrictions will include limiting watering lawns to only three days a week and limiting watering to seven minutes per station during the cooler months. People must also use water hoses with shut-off nozzles or timed sprinkler systems, time limits and full restriction on rainy days.

People don’t always realize how much they overuse water, so this new retraction is a helpful way for people to become mindful and conservative. From June of 2009 to May of 2011, there was a water restriction set in place and only one person was fined for violations, according to

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