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Summer 2022 Locker Requests

The Office of Student Life & Leadership distributes lockers as a Student Activity Card benefit. At this time, only students that are currently enrolled in a face-to-face class will be eligible to receive a locker. In order to receive a locker, students must complete the following:

  • Purchase a Summer 2022 Student Activity Card
  • Be enrolled in a face-to-face course for Summer 2022
  • Complete the Summer 2022 Locker Request form below

If you haven’t purchased a Student Activity Card, please review the directions here and log into your MyPalomar account (using Firefox as your browser) to pay the $15 fee or visit the Cashier’s Office. Here is a Locker Map for the San Marcos campus. Before completing the form below, please be sure to identify where your classes are so we can best accommodate your assigned locker. 

Here is a quick video on how to unlock and lock your assigned locker.

Summer 2022 Locker Request Form

Have you purchased a Summer 2022 Student Activity Card?(Required)
Are you currently enrolled in a face-to-face course for the fall semester?(Required)
Do you need an ADA accommodated locker?(Required)
Locker Request(Required)
Select the building you wish to have your locker in. Please note, lockers will be assigned per availability. Please reference the locker map above for locations.
Please provide any special requests or further comments you may have; for example, requesting a top locker verse a bottom locker.

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