Strategic Planning Council (SPC)

The Strategic Planning Council, as the principal participatory governance body of the College, creates the processes for recommending College policies and governance committee structures.  The Strategic Planning Council reviews actions, recommendations, and requests of planning groups and task forces.   The Strategic Planning Council amends and guides the Planning processes and recommends policies and procedures to respond to the changing needs of the student population and the internal and external environments.  The Strategic Planning Council develops, implements, evaluates continuously and revises, if necessary, the District’s plans and initiatives, both long-term and short-term.  A three-year planning cycle is used to implement the Strategic Plan.

An Action Plan outlines the tasks and actions to be accomplished during the upcoming year.  The Strategic Planning Council will review the Action Plan during an academic year to evaluate progress toward the vision and strategic goals of the College.

The Superintendent/President serves as the chair of the Strategic Planning Council.  To provide communication within the governance structure, all planning council chairs report progress on their objectives and activities at each Strategic Planning Council meeting.