Program Completion Academy

The completion academy is an offshoot project from our Guided Pathways plan.  The academy consists of instructional faculty, counselors, staff, administrators and students who gather together to discuss how instructional programs could be redesigned to better meet the needs of students.  There are two types of Program Completion Academies:   Discipline based and Institutional based.

Academic maps list all the courses needed to complete a program.  In contrast, a discipline completion package indicates how to get through the map (8 week classes, DE, hybrid, etc.)  Think of it as a route that is designed to meet the needs of our students.  Institutional-based academies focus on larger institutional issues that impact student completion, such as student equity, tutoring support, supplemental instruction, service-learning opportunities, work-based learning, and textbook costs.

Once these packages have been created and discussed with deans and department chairs, our next step is to examine the packages in an ‘integrated advisory’ meeting with industry partners and representatives of our work-based learning opportunities on campus, equity representatives and student support representatives (counselors, tutors etc.) in order to determine the broader needs of the program.

Access to Program Completion Work

Palomar College Student Support Systems

Advertising Palomar Programs:  Palomar Possible Campaign



Workshop Presentations

Completion Academy Workshop  presented by Dr. Glyn Bongolan, Palomar College Counseling Department

One Course at a Time:  Pilot 4-Week Sessions for Working Adults  presented by Dr. Pearl Ly, Dean Behavioral and Social Sciences