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The Reality of Meta Major and Program Mapping – June 2019

Meta Major Webinar Takeaway:

The Academic Senate California Community College webinar on The Reality of Meta Major and Program Mapping had representatives from several California Community Colleges discuss their experiences creating meta majors. To view the video presentation  click here.  Below are some takeaways as Palomar too will begin this journey and we will look towards your participation.

Orange Coast College

  • Clarity/simplicity
  • Not “job market vs. transfer” but types of job markets
  • Consider Math requirements
  • GE patterns for local and transfer degrees
  • Simplifying decision-making with the end in mind

What they learned:

  • One size does not fit all students
  • Students are asking for multiple “on-ramps” to pathways
  • Transparency
  • Communicating with the campus early and often
  • Communication strategy that includes all constituent groups
  • Guided Pathways is cross-functional work
  • Discussions with web-redesign team
  • Cross-functional membership on all design teams
  • Input/feedback from all constituencies
  • Don’t rush the process
  • Consider all relevant factors (e.g. mission, ISLO’s, college themes)
  • The continuous-improvement model

Citrus College

Created 7 Career & Academic Pathways - called CAPs

  • AP development was a year-long process, including 3 Student sorting activities, a staff group and a faculty group in Fall 2018, a draft was created from the inquiry groups and vetted in 3 Faculty meetings in Spring 2019.
  • The RP Group took our programs and created their own CAPs based on shared coursework; their results were useful, had a lot of commonality with what we came up with and confirmed our struggles with certain programs.
  • Only piloted 2 CAPs -- Counselor/Articulation Office and Program Review Faculty Coordinator are creating the program course mappings for all AS/AA/ADT programs.
  • Spring 2020: Early Decision students (if part of the pilot CAPs) will be identified as GP students, and served under the GP 4 pillars.
  • Fall 2020: All students who are part of the pilot CAPs will be identified as GP students, and served under the GP 4 pillars.

Southwest College

  • Created a program mapping team
  • Conducted “sorting” activities with students and staff in early spring 2018
  • Developed draft “buckets” in late spring 2018
  • Vetted the draft at our summer 2018 retreat in Palm Springs  - 175 people attended
  • Brought the draft back to full district in September/October 2018 for more vetting- did many presentations for feedback and created a survey
  • They put programs into more than one meta major
  • Rolling everything out in mid-June - we should talk to them after they do it (they are considering t-shirts)
  • Designed website around meta majors
  • Redesigning CCCapply when students apply to decide on major!!!!!

Cabrillo College

  • Spring 2017  - Sorting the meta majors exercise based on major preparation
  • Sorting the Sorts – based on major prep
  • Fall 2017 - draft with meta major drafts – 4 or 6
  • Revision of meta majors based on departmental feedback
  • Survey of students to name the meta majors
  • Survey of faculty for a term other than meta majors
  • Career and Academic Pathways - CAPS
  • Decided on 5 and also have programs in multiple meta majors
  • Now implementing mapper - little frustrated

What is next?

Creating CAP supports and activities to answer Rob Johnson’s question, “How is the student experience different now that you have meta majors?”  

  • Redesigning orientation to feature CAPs  
  • Creating student support teams for each CAP
  • Creating CAP centers where students study and faculty hold office hours
  • Infusing career information into CAP curriculum
  • Designing extracurricular activities that give students career info and experiences

Lessons Learned

  • Cross Functional Teams with Counseling and Instructional Faculty are crucial!
  • Define terms - What’s a meta major? How will it be used?
  • Use Data

Embrace GP as an iterative process -- things will change!