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What the Public Affairs Office can do for you:

News releases and media advisories
Public Relations Training

News releases and media advisories

The news release is the most common way to ask the news media to become involved in our activities in some way. The end goal is to make our community aware of what is happening at Palomar College. The media will use the information in our news releases as their needs, space, time and interests permit. News editors may choose to use all, a portion, or none of the information we supply in a news release. With advance notice, the Public Affairs Office will:

  • Pitch exciting, innovative projects in your program, department or division to the news media in hopes that they will publish a feature story.
  • Write and distribute news releases publicizing events/activities/opportunities that are open to the public.
  • Write and distribute news releases publicizing new or unusual programs.
  • Pitch Palomar College student and faculty success stories to local newspapers, television stations, educational publications, etc…


The Public Affairs Office can:

  • Help you proactively develop important messages for students, employees or community members in a way that is easy to read and understand.
  • Help you proactively plan timing, logistics, practicality, and evaluation of critical messages to your target audiences.
  • Assist you with writing informational pieces.
  • Write feature stories about innovative projects, extraordinary student success stories, and remarkable faculty and staff accomplishments.
  • Include your announcements of upcoming events in Three Minutes of News and the electronic marquees at the Mission Road entrance of the San Marcos campus, and at the Escondido Center.
  • Submit your announcements to local news media and community calendars.


The District annually allocates funding for district-wide marketing efforts, while individual departments or divisions may also budget for marketing efforts to specific to their services. The Public Affairs Office will:

  • Assist you in developing and implementing marketing plans for your classes or programs.
  • Assist you in gathering estimated costs for intended marketing plans.
  • Help you develop marketing materials to meet your specific objectives.

Public Relations Training

We are pleased to add a few training opportunities to the excellent and comprehensive professional development programs already in place at Palomar College. As our local news media become more familiar with Palomar College as a resource for local-area experts, faculty members will be called upon more and more to do interviews with reporters. At your request, the Public Affairs Office is happy to conduct hands-on, interactive employee workshops on:

  • Media interviewing
  • Customer service
  • Public speaking