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October 2 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm PDT


Palomar Theatre Arts


by Herbert Siguenza
Based on Moliere’s classic comedy, The Imaginary Invalid.

Open Call  Monday, October 2 • 6-9 PM

Sign-up for a 5-minute Audition Slot

Callbacks Tuesday, October 3 • 5PM – 10:30 PM

PLEASE PREPARE A ONE-MINUTE COMIC MONOLOGUE.  It should be thoroughly memorized and rehearsed.

We employ an Equity Conscious Casting approach and encourage students of ALL races, ethnicities, abilities and ages to audition. 

Rehearsals: Beginning October 10 • M-F 6:30-10:30 PM •
Tech Rehearsals Saturday & Sunday November 25 & 26, 10 AM – 10PM (Please note that November 25 is a designated “Non-Instructional Day”
Dress Rehearsals November 27 – 30, 5PM – 10:30 PM
Performances: December 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9,10 • Thursday-Sat @ 7:30 PM • Sunday @ 2:30 PM

For more information or to request a perusal script email Michael Mufson

Sign-up for a 5-minute Audition Slot


Herbert Siguenza, A founding member of the iconic Chicano/Latino Performance Group Culture Clash, reinvents this classic with satirical genius worthy of Moliere.  Don Aragon is a Spanish landowner in Alta California on the eve of the U.S. annexation. Though he rules his family with the will of a conquistador, he suffers great anxiety over the immanent U.S. invasion.  When his unscrupulous doctor dubs the condition ‘Manifest Destinitis’( pronounced like tendonitis), Don Aragon’s paranoid antics upset his grip on the rebellious household. With a surprisingly fresh and relevant mixture of medicine and history, Siguenza’s prescription of laughter and lessons will do wonders for what ails us in these troubled times.


DON ARAGON: the patriarch of the family and owner of the large Rancho Aragon he inherited from his Spanish father who acquired from a huge Spanish land grant. Born in Spain, he was brought to California as a child. Never assimilated and always believed he was ill. Yes in fact, now at his old age of 60, he is a certified hypochondriac. Actually, he is very close to insanity in the style of Don Quixote who fought imaginary windmills. Don Aragon imagines all his maladies and his certain death with a certain pleasure and wears it like a proud badge. A pessimist for certain. He was born to kvetch. Lovable, energetic, intelligent and totally out of his mind. He can go from discreet sophistication to unleashed vulgarity.

TONIA: wise, loud mouth native india, servant. She knows and hears everything and really runs the house. She is sweet and understanding to the two daughters but has no patience for Don Aragon’s imaginary illnesses. They butt heads and are a comedic team doing so! She does not trust his second wife Belen de Aragon, and knows she only married el Don for his money. She is a native and and does not mince words with the Spanish or Mestizos (mixed blood). Oh, she loves to hit people too, especially Don Aragon. (originally played by a male in drag, but may be played by any gender)

ANGELICA: the beautiful eldest Californio daughter of Don Aragon. She is a loyal daughter and a true romantic. Truly naïve but has a spine. She is first generation Californio and she speaks modern sometimes. She loves Charlie Sutter and nothing else.

LUISA: (Played by the same actor as Angelica) Don Aragon’s youngest daughter. She actually wants to go to the convent to become a nun and be close to her best “friend” or join the rodeo. Maybe the first lesbian Californio? A “Mari-Macha” and a big fan of the feminist Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz.

BELEN de ARAGON: also Spanish born, a dark gothic personality that always wears black. She is Don Aragon’s second wife. She disguises her evil intentions well but is really the stepmother from hell. She is having an affair with Sr. Mayo, (Robert McDonald) the notary who is really a Yankee Marine and both are plotting to extort Don Aragon and send the two daughters off to a nun convent.

CHARLIE SUTTER is the handsome Anglo bohemian in love with Angelica. He is a kind surfer dude (the first surfer!) and not that smart. He is also a Sutter, a family that is very wealthy because they just discovered gold on their mill on the Sacramento River.

DOCTOR BURGOS: Don Aragon’s private and wealthy physician. Spanish born, very arrogant and self-aware of his status on the hacienda. But is a quack! He misdiagnoses everything.

DON PEDRO DIAZ: Well to do Californio land owner. His son Tomas is to wed Angelica. This idea is fully endorsed by Don Aragon. He would love to have a physician as a son in law to attend to him.

TOMAS DIAZ : (Recently arrived from Spain and is a doctor and will ask for Angelica’s hand in an arranged marriage by their fathers. Tomas is well read, well versed in medicine and poetry but is a total dweeb, nerdy looking and sickly. Not a bone of courage or romance in his beating heart. Angelica dislikes him, of course.

ROBERTO MAYO: Aka Robert “Bob” McDonald. A gringo who is having an affair with Belen de Aragon. He is passing as a Californio notary public but is a Yankee Marine. He and Belen are planning to extort Don Aragon of his riches and run away to San Francisco.

FRIAR BETO ARAGON: A Franciscan friar. He is Don Aragon’s older brother and is very sensible, logical, and liberal. He warns his brother of his false maladies and lack of faith. He is against the arranged marriage and is looking out for Angelicas and Luisa’s interests.

PUEBLO BOY (Kid performer?) the classic “Little Panchito”

Shakespeare PERFORMER





October 2
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm PDT
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