I – AUM – the symbolic meaning

Experiencing India requires you to have an open mind, a willingness to experience the unfamiliar, and the courage to do and see things that can be challenging, provoking, and at times uncomfortable for anyone coming for the first time. The “AUM” symbol (or OM – the symbol in the center) symbolizes the Universe and the ultimate reality. It is the most important Hindu symbols. At the dawn of creation, from emptiness first emerged a syllable consisting of three letters – A-U-M (often written as OM). AUM is considered an original (primal) sound that rang out in the created universe. It is the root mantra. Mantra is a word of great power, usually a combination of Sanskrit syllables used as an invocation, prayer, recited loudly and repeatedly. MA means “the soul, the mind’”, and TRA  means  “protect, lead.” Among several mantras, there is one, most important: mantra OM. It is considered AUM (OM) which represents the three aspects of God: the Brahma (A), the Vishnu (U) and the Shiva (M).

Present Continuous is formed using “BE + present participle (V + ing)

It is used for “actions that are in progress” at the moment.

Example:  My teacher is explaining the new grammar lesson right now.

The students are listening to him explain the new grammar lesson.

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