Top 10 Ideas for #lastclass in BUS 152 – Social Media for Business

Social  media students - Aging Gracefully PhotojournalismMy first semester of teaching BUS 152 – Social Media for Business is quickly wrapping up.  We have only two class meetings left, and I have lots of thoughts on the good and bad of that (which I will share in subsequent blog posts).

Today, I’m going to share the fun and inspiring ways BUS 152 students have suggested we spend our #lastclass together.  And, of course, in great content and social media style, this comes in the form of a Top 10 list.  Here it goes:

Top 10 Ideas for our #lastclass in BUS 152 – Social Media for Business

#1   Pizza Party
#2   Potluck (including foods from different countries to represent the ethnic diversity in the classroom)
#3  Network with each other and share our products and services in a trade fair
#4   Make videos where we discuss what we learned and what our plans are for the next 6 months. Include messages for success for next semester’s class
#5  Brainstorm what the future of social media will look like in 2, 5, 10  years

Social media students - SendOutCardsGuess what?  We’re going to do ALL of those above!  The pizza is on me and the potluck is on you.  Bring your cameras for selfies/video and your big ideas for the future and let’s have a party.  Below are ideas # 6 through 10, which are fun, but will have to wait for another time.

 Have groups break off to into ThinkTanks to discuss how to save the world with social media as a weapon.
#7  Cocktail hour
#8  Ice bucket challenge
#9 Game night
#10 View more grumpy cats and Old Spice men

Thanks for a great list of ideas!  I do (and don’t!) look forward to our #lastclass.

Social media students - SendOutCardsP.s. Interested in this class?  Check out the details for BUS 152 – Social Media for Business here!


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