Religious Studies

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Behavioral Sciences Department, Palomar College

Welcome to the academic study of religions

I have been the Discipline Coordinator for Palomar’s Religious Studies program and faculty member in the Behavioral Sciences Department at Palomar since August 2007.

The mission of Religious Studies at Palomar College is to provide religion literacy to students and the larger community in preparation for quality engagement with an increasingly religious, interdependent, and global world.¬† Religious Studies classes offer the preparation of learning core knowledge and language of the world’s diverse religious traditions, studied in historical and contemporary forms. Our academic study of religion also instills the skills of cultivating mutual respect, empathetic learning, appreciation for diversity, integrative thinking, and holistic understanding to prepare students for living as global citizens. Ultimately, the Religious Studies discipline at Palomar College aspires to facilitation of Palomar as a center for interfaith learning, collaboration, and informed public discussion about religion.


Completion of Religious Studies classes offers many potential benefits:

-students in Career and technical programs become more knowledgable about and conversant related to the diverse backgrounds of potential co-workers and clients

-those planning to transfer meet UC and CSU IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum) requirements in Area 3B (Humanities) and Area 4 (Social and Behavioral Sciences) in addition to the State Requirement in American History and Institutions

-students earning a Palomar Associates degree students meet the Multicultural and General Education graduation requirements