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Ocean Institute: Human Impacts in the Coastal Ocean

The Ocean Institute runs many educational programs for people of all ages. You will play an active role as an oceanographic researcher. The program combines a two-hour cruise aboard their 70-foot (21-meter) research vessel, the R/V Sea Explorer and activities in the Ocean Institute’s lab facility. Program activities are designed to explore the biotic and abiotic, natural and human factors of the ocean ecosystem offshore Dana Point. Such factors include the types and diversity of marine organisms, their relationships to each other, and their relationship to the physical environment.  The combination of activities and experiences is intended to integrate much of the previous learning that has been accomplished throughout the semester in the oceanography lab course.


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Preview: OI Human Impacts in the Coastal Ocean


Ocean Institute Fluorometry Project


Video from the April 16, 2009 Ocean Institute Boat Trip: Humpback Whales (mom and calf)

(QuickTime movie recorded by Tyson Suzuki)


Video from Nov. 2008 Trip: Risso’s Dolphins (QuickTime movie)