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Lab Investigations

The following links provide the lab student with easy access to introductory animations/videos as well as pre-lab activities. Simply click on the lab title to access the appropriate link.

Imaging the Sea Floor:  Part II Bathymetry of the San Diego Offshore Region

Plate Tectonics and Sea Floor Topography (Introductory animations and videos) 
Note: The EarthGuide animations are best viewed using Google Chrome and require Adobe Flash (free)

Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide in Seawater (Ocean Acidification tutorial)

Investigating Marine Sediments (Introductory video and pre-lab activity)

Global Winds, Ocean Currents and Regional Climate Patterns (Introductory animations)

Global Winds and Ocean Currents: Post-lab activity (Drifter model)


Ocean Color (Pre-lab activity and interactive links)

Ocean Color: Additional Links for Resource Pages:

El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Interactive Links

Analyzing Tide Patterns and Tidal Charts (Introductory animations and videos)

Additional Links for Online Spring 2020:

Concepts in Coastal Navigation (Pre-lab activity; print-out and complete worksheet. Grayscale okay)

Ocean Institute Human Impacts in Coastal Ecosystems (online resources)
Fluorometry Overview OCN100 Lab
OCN100 Lab Tide of Toxins article