Nursing 110 LVN-RN Transition

This course will next be offered in Spring 2023. 


This course facilitates the transition of the License Vocational Nurse into the Associate Degree Nursing Program.  Topics include, but are not limited to, nursing process, critical thinking, health assessment utilizing evidence based interventions, and role differentiation.  Multicultural considerations are explored.  Concepts essential for registered nursing practice and functional health patterns are examined.

Successful completion of the LVN to RN Transition course is required for eligibility to apply to the Palomar College LVN-RN Step-Up Program.  It does not guarantee placement in the program.   Students must submit a complete application during an application filing period to be considered for the LVN-RN Step-Up Program.  Applications are evaluated using a Multi-Criteria Point System.  Placement in the LVN-RN Step-Up Program is based on space availability, and seats are offered to the applicants with the most points.

NURS 110: LVN to RN Transition is considered valid for 2 years after its completion.  If a student has not applied to, or is not accepted into, the LVN-RN Step-Up Program before 2 years has passed, the transition course is considered expired and must be re-taken for eligibility.

To initiate enrollment into the Nursing 110 Transition Course (N110), Licensed vocational nurses must first email the Nursing Education Department the following:

  • a copy of their current, valid California LVN license in good standing
  • Student name, Palomar ID number, contact email and phone number