SAN MARCOS (July 2, 2024) – Palomar College has reached an agreement with California State University at Sacramento (CSU Sacramento) giving priority to high-achieving students with an interest in Black history and culture to transfer to the new Black Honors College of California (BHC) at CSU Sacramento.

Palomar College is one of 25 colleges in the state, and the only credit offering community college in the San Diego and Imperial County region, to enter the memorandum of understanding with CSU Sacramento for the new venture.  The purpose of the agreement is to foster improvement of completion rates and showcase the excellence of Black history, life, culture, and contributions, by providing support for a group of select, motivated students who seek to join the community of scholars at the BHC.

“This agreement provides for a unique and innovative path for students transferring to CSU Sacramento.  It is a wonderful opportunity for our outstanding students, from all races and backgrounds, who want to further their education and learn more about the societal contributions of Black people,” said Dr. Star Rivera-Lacey, Superintendent/President of Palomar College.

This collaborative partnership provides for both institutions to establish a framework that ensures a robust academic alliance resulting in guaranteed admission of eligible students into the Black Honors College program. Beginning in January 2025, Palomar College students with a 3.8 grade point average will be offered guaranteed admission to the Black Honors College if they are academically eligible to attend CSU Sacramento. Students with a grade point average between 3.5 and 3.79 will have priority admission.

Palomar College has agreed to provide opportunities for its students to visit the Black Honors College, and to provide joint programming that supports students in their academic, personal and professional success.

The BHC’s faculty and staff with demonstrated record of success in teaching and serving Black students, along with specialized coursework and support services, experiential learning opportunities and expanded housing offerings, all provide an effective framework for supporting student success.

“We are creating an institution that is specifically designed to serve the academic, co-curricular and psychological needs of Black students,” said Luke Wood, president of CSU Sacramento.

CSU Sacramento enrolls more Black students than any of the other 22 California State Universities and was recently recognized by the California state Assembly as the first Black Serving Institution (BSI) in California. To serve the first transfer students to the Black Honors College, CSU Sacramento has provided 6,000 square feet of space, including a seminar room, conference room, study spaces and offices.