The Conrad Prebys Foundation has approved a grant to the Palomar College Foundation to fund the purchase of an advanced trauma simulation device for the College’s first responders-in-training.

SAN MARCOS — Thanks to a significant grant from the Conrad Prebys Foundation, Palomar College students pursuing their goals of becoming first responders will soon have new technology to help them succeed in training.

The Palomar College Foundation announced that its grant application in the amount of $102,431 was approved by the Conrad Prebys Foundation. The funding will enable the purchase of a full-body Trauma F/X simulation manikin to be used by Palomar College’s Nursing and Emergency Medical Education (EME) programs.

“This sizable grant will allow the college to enhance the teaching and learning environment for students and faculty whose work is so important to us as a community,” said the Foundation’s Executive Director, Stacy Rungaitis. “This grant from the Conrad Prebys Foundation is the largest in our history as a foundation.”

Simulators have become an important part of emergency medical training in recent years, allowing students to experience lifelike treatment scenarios and learn critical medical interventions under pressure. They are designed for anatomical fidelity, accurate weight and feel, and responsiveness to treatment during simulations.

“Our students benefit greatly from these collaborative engagements, and this grant will provide even more immersive training, benefiting our first-responder programs for years to come,” said Palomar College Superintendent/President Dr. Star Rivera-Lacey. “We are grateful to the Conrad Prebys Foundation for this impactful grant.”

“This grant affirms the Foundation’s mission to remove barriers and provide essential educational resources,” said Pete Rogers, Chair of the Palomar College Foundation Board of Directors. “We are proud to partner with the Conrad Prebys Foundation on this transformational gift.”

In a statement provided by the Conrad Prebys Foundation following the announcement, the board said, “The Foundation is pleased to support your impactful work, especially in this moment in history—when the need in our world has deepened tremendously. … Thank you for the tireless work you have done—pivoting programming to best serve your constituents and undertaking innovative fundraising approaches to sustain your organization.

Conrad Prebys, who passed away in 2016, was a San Diego real estate developer and philanthropist. On its website, the Conrad Prebys Foundation says it is “dedicated to meeting community need through impactful grantmaking and strategic initiatives in the focus areas of visual and performing arts, higher education, youth development, healthcare, and medical research.”