SAN MARCOS (October 25, 2013) – Palomar College’s Telescope newspaper,Impact magazine and the Telescope’s website each garnered the General Excellence award in addition to several other awards at the Southern California Journalism Association of Community Colleges (JACC) conference.

Together, both the staff from the College’s newspaper and magazine won 18 individual and team awards. According to Telescope Adviser Erin Hiro, “Receiving the General Excellence award in addition to the other awards is a huge honor. We are very proud of these accomplishments.”

Showcasing their talents with publications from last semester and testing their skills with on-the-spot competitions, a total of 17 current and former students from both the journalism and photojournalism programs attended the conference that was held Oct. 11 and Oct. 12 at the California State University Fullerton Campus.

The regional JACC conference is an annual, two-day affair that takes place every fall semester. During each conference, students are given the opportunity to attend a variety of competitions, workshops and meetings to help network and learn more about the journalism field.

More than 350 students from various Southern California community colleges competed in over 50 events. The events were split into three major categories that were judged by advisers from the participating colleges’ journalism programs.

The competitions included mail-in publications from the previous semester featuring each school’s magazine and some of the best issues that each newspaper staff produced.

There was also a bring-in competition in which staff members could submit never-before-seen work such as photographs or in-house advertisements representing their own paper.

The on-the-spot competitions allowed students from each school to compete in various events such as opinion writing, editorial cartoon drawing, feature story writing and broadcast news writing.

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