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Help During Intersession – January 2 – 27

The San Marcos Campus Library will be closed from January 2 – 27 while books, services and materials are being moved to the new library.

Please consult the list below to find out how to handle some common issues:

  1. COURSE RESERVES: Course reserves for classes (ASL 100, SPCH 100 and CINE 100) taught during winter intersession can be accessed by contacting the departments directly.
  2. RENEW MATERIAL: Students with overdue materials may call Circulation Services at any center library (Escondido 760-744-1150 ext.8113, Rancho Bernardo 760-744-1150 ext.6618 or Fallbrook 760-744-1150 ext.8679) and we will be able to renew/extend the due date to Jan. 28, 2019.
  3. HOLDS ON STUDENT RECORDS: Students with overdue materials may call Circulation Services at any center (Escondido 760-744-1150 ext.8113, Rancho Bernardo 760-744-1150 ext.6618 or Fallbrook 760-744-1150 ext.8679) and we will be able to lift holds so students may enroll in classes.  Fees/fines must be paid by Feb. 3 or holds will (once again) be placed on student records.
  4. REFERENCE/RESEARCH HELP: available through the Library website, via Ask-A-Librarian, 24/7
  5. LIBRARY DATABASES: available through the Library website, 24/7, with off-campus sign in (using e-Services ID and password).
  6. BOOKS and OTHER MATERIALS: Center library collections (Escondido, Rancho Bernardo and Fallbrook) are available for use.


FAQ for the Library

Frequently Asked Questions about the Library

How long can books be checked out?

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How do I get a Library card?  Can children get a Library card?

If you are a Palomar College student or employee, you do not need a library card to check out materials.  You can check out materials with a government issued photo ID and your eServices number.

Students from CSU San Marcos or Mira Costa College may also check out materials with a valid student identification from either of these schools. See Library Borrowing
for details.

All other persons who are 18 years old or older may register with the Library as a “Community Patron” to borrow materials. A valid picture ID and proof of current mailing address is required.  Please contact the Library Public Services Desks for further information at (760) 744-1150: San Marcos,  x2614; Escondido, x8113; Fallbrook, x8679; Rancho Bernardo, x6618.

Are there computers for students to use in the Library?

Internet -accessible computers are available on all floors of the Libary/LRC, and may be used for searching the Internet and typing papers.

computer labs
on campus also provide access.  Patrons with their own laptop computers may make a  wireless Internet connection from within the Library Building.

What are “Stacks?”

“Stacks” refers to the area of the 4th Floor of the Library where books that can be checked out are located.

Help! I have to write a research paper. Where do I start?

Palomar College Library has many resources and services to help you write your term papers and reports. Visit or call the Library Reference Desk any time the Library is open or email us with a specific question for assistance from one of our Reference Librarians.

You may also find valuable assistance on your own from one of the Library’s many online resources:

1. To find books or media in the Library, search the online catalog. Go to the Library home page and input keywords (e.g. title, author, subject) into the  catalog searchbox.
NOTE: you will need to actually come into the Library where the item(s) is held to pick up the material(s) once identified.

2. To find journals, magazines, or newspaper articles, search one of several online databases that the Palomar College Library subscribes to. To access, go to the Library home page, and click the “Databases/Articles” button.

NOTE: You may use all the databases from any computer on campus. To search from home you will need to be a current Palomar student, faculty, or staff member and use your e-services login and password to access the databases.

Is there a copy of my textbook in the Library?

The Library does not keep copies of all the textbooks – we generally purchase other books which supplement the textbooks assigned in class. This is because (1) they go out of date or change editions so frequently that it is not cost-effective to purchase them (the Library does NOT get free copies of textbooks – we have to purchase them just like you); and (2) we do not have the space to shelve all the books.

However, in some cases, there may be a copy of your textbook in the Library general collection (or at least an older edition that you could use). Also, many instructors put their own extra copies of textbooks on reserve in the Library for you to use.

To see if a textbook is in the Library, search the online library catalog. You can look the book up by author name or title, or click the “Textbooks” link just below the  catalog search box.

Can I access Databases from off campus?

Current Palomar College students, faculty, and staff can access online research databases from off-campus.  Users must click on any database link and at the login screen, type:

  • Students: student ID# and password (same as student
    eServices login)
  • Faculty and Staff: network user name and password (same
    as email login)

Can non-students check out books from the Library?

Click here for details.

My Instructor told me she put a book on reserve in the Library. Where do I find the Course Reserves?

Instructor Reserves are course materials (books, articles, videos, etc.) set aside by instructors for reserved student use. Reserves are shelved by course title and kept behind the Circulation Desk (San Marcos campus). Reserves at the Center Libraries may be found at the public services desk. Check the Library Catalog  for the specific location.

When is the Library open?

Click here for hours for the San Marcos and Center Libraries.

Can I access other library catalogs at Palomar College?

Yes. Many libraries have online catalogs which can be accessed via the Internet. For links to San Diego area, national, and foreign libraries

How do I print from computers in the Library?

Printing is available from computers in the Library Reference area on the 1st Floor at San Marcos, or in the Center Libraries. Charges are 10 cents per page for black & white printouts, and payment is by using an existing GoPrint account. Color printouts are also available at
all locations for 30 cents per page.

Are there rooms available for group study?

Group study rooms are located on the 4th floor of the Library/LRC.

  • Study Rooms are for the exclusive use of currently enrolled Palomar College students for collaborative study and group projects.
  • Rooms can be reserved for a maximum of 3 hours (non-renewable) by groups of 2 or more people by contacting staff at the Information Desk  (760-744-1150 ext. 2614).
  • Visit the Group Study Rooms page for other information about use of these spaces.

Do you have photocopiers? What forms of payment can I make for copies?

Yes.  At the San Marcos Library/LRC, the photocopier is located near the main stairway on the 1st floor.  Black & white copies are 10 cents/page, color copies are 50 cents/page. Payments are with cash only.

Center Libraries – black & white copies are 10 cents/page, color copies are 50 cents/page. Payments are with cash only.


Does the library accept donations?

Can I check out periodicals (magazines, newspapers, or journals)?

Periodicals do not circulate. You may, however, photocopy any article you need.

Can I return books when the Library is closed?

Yes, there are book return boxes outside the San Marcos Library and all the Center libraries.

Who was Ernest J. Allen and why is the Escondido Educational Center Library named after him?

Ernest J. Allen was a local dairy man known for his generosity. Upon his death in 1996, his estate provided the funding for the establishment of Palomar College’s first
branch library in the Escondido Educational Center.

As a student at Palomar College, is there anything I can do to improve the Library Collection?

Yes, we welcome all suggestions for titles that would improve our collection. Please submit requests to the Library Reference Desk.

Can I borrow videos from the Library and does it cost anything?

Yes, most videos in the Library may be checked out. The circulation periods vary. See
Library Circulation Policies for details. There is no charge for checking out the videos or DVD’s.

Where do I pay any Library fines?

You may pay your Palomar College Library fines at either the 1st Floor Main Circulation Desk at the San Marcos Campus or any Center Library public services desk. You may pay with cash or check. The Library does not accept credit cards.

Can I borrow books from CSUSM or Mira Costa College Libraries?

Yes-if you are a registered Palomar College student or faculty member, you may borrow books from either CSUSM or Mira Costa College Libraries.
See Borrowing Privileges for details.

Need more information?  Check our
Services and Resources
fact sheet.

Course Guide: Counseling 110

Course Guide: Counseling 110

For questions or comments on this page (Counseling 110), please contact April Cunningham

4 Steps to Improving your Information Literacy Competency

1. Identify what resources you need

The Information Timeline

Before you begin your search for information, it helps to understand when and how information is published so you can look for the correct resources, such as books, articles or websites. Information about an event like the September 11 terrorist attacks would first appear in newspapers, websites, and radio and television broadcasts. This information would consist primarily of reactions to the event and some details. A week or so later, information on the event will appear in popular magazines and other sources of news analysis with more details and reflections. A month later, information will begin to appear in professional magazines and more in-depth news reports and will include analyses of the event. Six months later, articles in professional journals and conference proceedings began to appear containing research and statistics about the event. After a year or so, books, government reports and articles in scholarly journals are published with complete information on the event. Finally, several years later, the event is the topic of a number of scholarly books and journal articles, and even reference works like encyclopedias include entries on the subject.

The information timeline below shows the process of information publication. Visit the University of North Carolina Libraries’ Introduction to Library Research tutorial’s Searching for Information section  to see the interactive version of their Information Timeline:.


Event Happens Day After Week Later Month Later 6 Months Later Year Later Several Years Later

Popular Vs. Scholarly Articles

What if your instructor told you that you needed to find a scholarly or academic article for your paper, would you know where to find one? And if so, how would you determine what is scholarly and what is not?

Use this Scholarly and Popular Materials guide from NC State University Library to help you figure out what type of article you need for your project, paper or speech. Or, watch this video on how to distinguish between popular and scholarly sources.

2. Use the Library to find resources

There are two ways that you can use the Palomar College Library: online at Palomar College Library and in-person.

ONLINE gives you access to the Library’s e-book collection found in the catalog, articles from our databases, interlibrary loan, book renewals and holds. All you need is your e-services username and password to get to all this valuable information from any internet connected computer.

When you visit the library IN-PERSON you have all of the resources of the library available to you, as well as help from librarians and library staff to get the information that you need.

Look at the 2nd floor map of the Palomar Library to find the Librarian Reference Desk, the Circulation/Checkout Desk, computers with internet connection and printers, video and DVD collections, reference materials and periodicals.

This 3rd floor map of the Palomar Library shows you where the circulating books are located, the study rooms and the catalog use only computers.

The Library Information page gives you details on book check-out policies and library hours as well as much more.

3. Evaluate & understand what you find

Being able to evaluate the information that you find on the internet is a crucial skill for anyone who uses the web and an important part of becoming information literate, This guide to Evaluating Web Content, from the University Libraries at the University of Albany, is a good start to understanding how you can determine if the information that you found using is good, scholarly or just bad information. You can click here (PDF) to download an Adobe PDF copy of “The Guide to Evaluating Web Content.”

This video clip on Researching Online for College Students is a quick introduction to evaluating information from the internet. Click here for a transcript of the video.

4. Create citations & avoid plagiarism

Palomar Library’s Citation style guide page has a variety of informative citation websites as well as PDF versions of the citation guides, including MLA, APA and other styles. These will assist you in creating “works cited” or Bibliography pages. They will also help you prevent plagiarism in your papers or projects.

Plagiarism is a serious problem for college students and it is crucial that you know what it is and how to avoid it. According to Palomar’s Academic Integrity Code of Conduct, Board Policy 305, plagiarism is defined as “false representation of another’s work as one’s own.”  Take a look at UCLA’s “Oops, I Plagiarized” to get a good understanding of what is considered plagiarism and how to avoid it by using citations and quotations correctly in your paper, projects and speeches.

Palomar College Library Tutorials


Library Assignments

There are two Counseling 110 library assignments available from the library.

1) Library Exploration Assignment: This assignment gives students an opportunity to explore the library by finding resources from different areas within the library.

2) Library Research Assignment: This assignment helps to student to discover library resources that they can use to complete research projects, speeches and papers.

Request Instruction (Faculty Only)

Instructors, would you like your class to have more information on library resources, be able to access information and become information competent? Request Library instruction for your class!

Click on the following link to request Palomar College Library instruction for your Counseling Class.

Instruction Request Form


The Library subscribes to several daily and weekly newspapers.  Current issues may be found in the Library’s Current Periodicals Reading Area and back issues are on the Periodicals shelves or on microfilm.  All are located on the 2nd floor of the library.  Additionally, newspaper articles from hundreds of publications are available over the Internet through several online databases or newspaper websites.  Newspapers may not be checked out of the Library, but photocopies of articles may be  made.


Computer and Internet Services at the Library

Computers – Borrowing 

Students may borrow laptop computers at the Academic Technology Lab for use within the Library building for up to 4 hours of use at a time (x2657).

Computer Disks
Disks may be purchased in the Academic Technology Lab (x2657) vending machine on the Library 1st floor for $1.00, or in theCampus Bookstore (x2682).

Computer Labs

Digital Resources

The library has numerous Internet resources to assist in the research process, Internet accessible computers are located next to the Reference Desk on the 2nd floor, as well as in the Academic Technology lab on the 1st floor.  All of these resources may be accessed using a wireless Internet connection within the Library building, or from Internet-connected computers outside of the Library.  These resources include:

Zoom for Library Help

Materials Request

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