AIDS Memorial Quilt and events March 11-15

Please join the library March 11-15 as we present an exhibit that pays tribute to those who have lost their lives to AIDS.  The library will display the AIDS Memorial Quilt, an artifact created as a means by which to remember and honor those that have been taken by the AIDS epidemic.

In addition, there are several events to look forward to that will be held in the library such as panels featuring authors, educators, and community leaders; President Deegan will speak at the reception that takes place on Wednesday March 13th from 5-7 PM on the 2nd floor of the library.

We hope that you join us as the Palomar College Library community comes together to learn more about issues surrounding AIDS and the lives that it touches.  For more details, click here.

Celebrate Black History Month!

Learn more about Black History using either print or electronic resources.  In print, we have a new multi-volume reference book available to use in the library just in time for Black History Month.  The Encyclopedia of African American History is a 5 volume set chronicling the experience of African Americans from 1896 to the present.  So much has come to pass in the last hundred odd years, and yet still there are inequities, challenges, and obstacles the U.S. must overcome in order to end racism.  1896, the age of segregation, is when this reference book starts, so take a journey to the past and discover something new today here in your library!

Or discover some of the fascinating online resources accessible through the Palomar College Library website from any computer with Internet access.  Sources in U.S. History: The American Revolution and Sources in U.S. History: The Civil War both contain rich collections of primary resources from these two eras of history. 
In either online source, try looking under the Browse A-Z tab.  You will find a list of subjects of or relating to African Americans in history from documents about the abolition of slavery and African American soldiers; to African American colonization, African American children, African American suffrage, Freedmen, and much more. 

For remote access, an e-services id and password are required. 

For questions about these or other online resources, please contact Tamara Weintraub, Collections Management Librarian.

What’s New in the Library: Online Workshop for Palomar College Faculty

Want to earn Professional Development credit? Faculty can familiarize themselves with new Library products and services AND earn 1 PD hour by taking the self-paced online workshop “What’s New in the Library” (PD99, 1 hour). Here’s how:

1. Login to Blackboard Sandbox with your Blackboard login

2. click Professional Development Training (lower right section of screen)

3. select “What’s New in the Library” (upper left box on screen)

4. select the course link (paper icon)

DON’T FORGET: to receive 1 hour of PD credit for taking this online workshop, you must add PD99 to your 2012 Professional Development proposal. For more information about the Library or the online workshop, contact Tamara Weintraub, Collection Management Librarian. For help with your PD proposal or getting into Bb Sandbox to access PD resources, contact the Professional Development Office.

President Barack Obama Visual Iconography

For those interested in political Americana, Cornell University Library has recently released images from its Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections documenting Barack Obama publicity and memorabilia. ARTstor has recently added images of the visual iconography that provide a fascinating overview of representations of Obama. These images offer students and educators an opportunity to explore aspects of the campaign such as political mobilization, capaign strategies, and marketing through social media. 

Access images in ARTstor from the Palomar College Library website.  Click on Articles and then select the Arts and Humanities tab. 

For remote access, an e-servies id and password are required.

For questions about ARTstor or other databases, please contact Tamara Weintraub, Database and Serials Librarian.

New Books at the Library

Palomar College Library is continually updating its collection to stay abreast with the research needs of its community.  And we realize that information needs are far-reaching and varied.  Just this month we have received titles that reflect the dynamic quality of the library book collection.  See for yourself:

That’s Disgusting: Unraveling the Mystery of Revulsion by Rachel Herz.  Author Rachel Herz, Professor of Psychology at Brown University, and renowned expert on the psychology of smell, explores the complex emotion, disgust, and examines the role this emotion plays in our relationship to the food we eat, the partners we choose, and even the political ideologies to which we ascribe.  Find out what the appeal of horror films are, how the human brain processes the emotion disgust, and how and why the definition of disgust varies across cultures and how these variances can play into fears and prejudices.

The Bully Society: School Shootings and the Crisis of Bullying in America’s Schools by Jessica Klein.  This book examines both innocuous and extreme forms of school violence, indicting values and attitudes found within American culture.

Stephen Hawking: An Unfettered Mind by Kitty Ferguson.  A biography of the renowned cosmologist, this work seeks to elucidate not only the man Hawkings, but also his work, by bringing it down from the cosmos to a level that is accessible to the everyday reader.  The author worked closely with Hawkings to translate his complex theories into layman’s terms and the text contains useful images, and diagrams as well as personal photographs of different chapters of the scientist’s life.