Don’t miss the Black History Month display that celebrates Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Nelson Mandela.

Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela

 “Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.”–Martin Luther King Jr. 

If you like this quote, visit the display where you will find other inspiring quotes, as well as books and photos highlighting these incredible individuals.

Rosa Parks

New Arrivals at Palomar College Library


Palomar College Library works hard to provide access to current books and DVDs that students and faculty can use to keep abreast of their field of study.  The New Arrivals area is located near the entrance of the library.  It is a space where a small number of our new books and media are temporarily shelved as a way to showcase new purchases.  You will find emerging ideas, interests, and perspectives from authors that represent many fields of higher education. 

You will also find resources that fall outside the realm of academia; books and media that have some significance due to their timeliness, or local or visual appeal. Among some of the genres are critically-acclaimed fiction; beautifully illustrated books on art, architecture and fashion–we even have graphic novels and nontraditional children’s books.  This collection is updated on a continuous basis, so you  never know what you will find! 

Additionally, we have many documentaries and popular movies to choose from that you can borrow for FREE.

We want to catch your attention; we want to entertain, to surprise and to delight you with what is featured.   Browse the shelf to see if you get inspired! You may walk away with a book about a potential hobby, or with a book that addresses the issue you just had a debate about in class. 

This small sampling of the library’s collection is an invitation from the library to you.  We hope you  explore the library’s vast resources.  Be sure to stop by the New Arrivals area the next time you are in the library.

Vogue Archives Online now Available!

“Cover: Vogue.” Vogue. Aug 01 2010.
ProQuest. Web. 13 Sep. 2013 .

Palomar College has acquired Vogue archives online, a searchable digital collection of the American edition of this iconic fashion magazine. Students and faculty may view high-resolution full-color page images of the complete publication from 1892 to the latest issue. The archives are hosted on the Library’s familiar ProQuest database system for easy searching.

Every page, including covers, photo spreads, advertisements, and fold-outs are included. Users can look for images and articles by unique features such as company/brand names, designers, photographers, stylists, colors, materials, hair and make-up artists, models and other personalities, fashion trends, and other elements such as garment type or detail, accessories, and cosmetics.

“Cover: Vogue.” Vogue. Dec 28 1899.
ProQuest. Web. 13 Sep. 2013 .

Print issues of Vogue from 1968 to the present are also available at the San Marcos campus library, and the Escondido Center Library has the most recent 6 months. Check the Library catalog for specific holdings.  

Access the digital archive by clicking the link above, or go to the Library homepage (click Catalog, type Vogue in the search box, and click periodical title button). Palomar eServices login required off-campus or on campus wi-fi. Need help? Call (760) 744-1150 x2616 or “Ask a Librarian” through our 24/7 live chat service available from most library webpages. For more information, contact Tamara Weintraub, Collections Management Librarian.