Images in ARTstor about the Great Depression

The Great Depession was a period of American history when many struggled for survival.  To see iconic art of this time such as Dorthea Lange’s powerful photographs of migratory cotton pickers, or Bernice Abbott’s photographs of urban life in Manhattan, visit ARTstor.   Students and faculty can access these and many other images on the topic conducting a basic search using the term “depression.” 

ARTstor is not only for fine arts students.  Images from it can be used to enhance non-art projects, by supplementing a paper or presentation.  Palomar students and faculty may access this database by clicking the link above, or on the Library’s Arts and Humanities database web page.  Palomar College e-services login is required off-campus.  For more information, contact Tamara Weintraub, Collection Management/Subscriptions Librarian.