Need Something to Do? Read a Magazine in the Library

Have a few minutes between classes, and looking for something relaxing to do? Come read in the Library. The San Marcos campus and Escondido Center libraries have comfortable reading areas where you can find the latest issues of your favorite magazines and newspapers, like North County Times, Sports Illustrated, People, Vogue, Scientific American, and many others. Or, discover something totally new and interesting, like Newsmax (at San Marcos), and Latina (at Escondido), both of which were recently added to our collection.

You can also read one of the Library’s online periodicals, like Science or Nature, anytime, anywhere. Just search for them up in the Library catalog or List of Periodicals and connect! And, thousands of current articles from other periodicals are also available in our periodical stacks or online. Just click one of the links above to see what’s here. (Palomar login required for wireless or off-campus connections.)

Can’t find the magazine you want? Contact us by phone, email, or stop in one of the libraries and ask. We’re happy to help.

One thought on “Need Something to Do? Read a Magazine in the Library

  1. I love the the selection of magazines and journals at Palomar! I think I spend at least eight hours a week there, most of it spent reading magazines. If anything, it has saved me lots of money that would have otherwise gone to paying for individual subscriptions!

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