Kinesiology 128

Kinesiology 128A (Cardio training), 128B (muscular training), 128C (Functional training) and 128D (periodization training) are  Pass/No Pass classes. No letter grades will be given.  Students must complete ALL requirements to receive a “Pass” grade.  Should a student not complete any one of the assessment requirements # 1-6, the student will receive a “No Pass” grade.


  1.  Complete orientation with a lab instructor in the FCL (Fitness Center Lab, formerly: Wellness/Fitness Center).  Orientations are mandatory and will be given at the top of each hour during the first two weeks of the semester.  Orientations will cover all lab requirements.  Student must be enrolled and have a current student I.D. card (Student Activity Card), and swipe in at desk prior to orientation. Students must complete and calculate their own personal Cardio Heart Rate and read and sign the Acknowledgement on the exercise card.
  2. Complete both “Pre” and “Post” Fitness Tests.  “Pre-Test” is completed during orientation and “Post Test” is completed at semester’s end.
  3. Document each Workout: Record and date all workouts on your lab card.
  4. Complete both 38 hours and 27 visits (minimum requirement).  These are 70% of the total hours for a 1 unit lab course.  Only hours and visits completed in the WFC will be accepted. ***Note: a visit must be a minimum of 20 minutes workout time but not exceed 2 hours. (only 1 visit/day for Fall & Spring semester)***
  5. Turn in your fitness workout card.  Upon completion of the 4 requirements, you must complete the “post-test” with an instructor & leave fitness card in file cabinet at semesters end.

KINE 128A: Wellness Modalities- Cardio

(1, 1.5, 2units) 3, 4½ or 6 hours laboratory
Transfer acceptability: CSU; UC
Cardiorespiratory conditioning through aerobic fi­tness programs. Activities include treadmill, stair-master, stationary biking, rowing, and elliptical machines. Individualized tests determine the cardio-respiratory conditioning program and the level of performance expected to improve overall health and fi­tness.

KINE 128B: Wellness Modalities-Muscular

(1,1.5, 2) 3, 4½ or 6 hours laboratory
Transfer acceptability: CSU; UC (pending)
Physical conditioning through individualized resistance training programs. Focus is on muscular strength, muscular endurance and core training. Activities may include, but are not limited to body weight exercises, calisthenics, weight machines, resistance bands, kettle balls, etc

KINE 128C: Wellness Modalities- Functional

(1,1.5, 2) 3-6 hours laboratory
Transfer acceptability: CSU; UC (pending)
Functional fi­tness training designed to apply directly to students individual fi­tness goals. Activities include but are not limited to exercises aimed to assist in performing activities of daily living, sport-speci­fic training, rehabilitative programs, etc. based on the individuals physical abilities and/or physical limitations.

KINE 128D: Wellness Modalities- Periodization

(1,1.5, 2) 3-6 hours laboratory
Transfer acceptability: CSU; UC (pending)
Physical conditioning through the components of physical fitness; cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility. Initial ­fitness measurements determine the conditioning program, level of performance, and planned variations in individualized programs to improve overall ­fitness.


  • What is the Student Activity Card and where can I obtain one?
    • It is your Palomar Student Identification Card, same as your Student Activity Card and can be obtained at SU- 201 for a $15 fee.
  • If I don’t have my Palomar student I.D. card, can I still attend and work out in the FCL?
    • No, your Palomar student I.D. card is mandatory. This is how your attendance is tracked and recorded.
  • Once I am registered, can I show up and start working out?
    • No. You must first complete a mandatory orientation which will explain the policies and requirements of the class.
  • When and where are orientation held and do I need to make an appointment?
    • Orientations are conducted in the Wellness Center during the first two weeks of the semester at the top of each hour. No appointment necessary.
  • What do I need for orientation?
    • You first need be registered in one of the Kinesiology 128 sections.  You must have your student I.D. card with you which will verify your enrollment. If you are not registered and/or do not have your student activity card at time of orientation, you will not be able to complete your orientation.
  • What are the hours of the class?
    • It is an open entry, self- paced class where students can attend once/day during Fall and Spring semesters  (twice/day for summer session). Refer to class schedule for Kinesiology 128 student hours.
  • Can I work out at my personal gym and use that time for my hours and visits?
    • No.  The Kine 128 class is scheduled on campus where all workout time and visits are to be completed in the Wellness Center under the supervision of an instructor. Extra credit and outside activities are not accepted.