Fall/Spring Syllabus

Kinesiology Department Course Syllabus for

Kinesiology 128 A, B, C, D – Training Modalities

Fall/Spring Semesters

Location: Fitness Center Lab (Wellness/Fitness Center) 

Student Hours: Mon-Thurs 8am-6pm; Fri-Sat 9am-2pm  *Subject to change*

Kinesiology 128A (Cardio training), 128B (muscular training), 128C (Functional training) and 128D (periodization training) are Pass/No Pass classes. No letter grades will be given. Students must complete ALL requirements to receive a “Pass” grade. Should a student not complete any one of the assessment requirements # 1-6, the student will receive a “No Pass” grade.


  1. Complete orientation: Orientations are mandatory, will cover all requirements and will be given at the top of each hour during the first two weeks of the semester. Student must be enrolled and your Palomar Student Activity ID Card is required for orientation. Student ID card can be obtained @ Bldg. SU, Rm. 201. Students must also complete and calculate their own personal Cardio Heart Rate in the designated box, as well as, read and sign the Acknowledgement on the exercise card.
  2. Complete both “Pre” and “Post” Fitness Tests: “Pre-Test” is completed during orientation and “Post Test” is completed at semester’s end.
  3. Document each Workout:  Date and record results for each visit.
  1. Complete both 38 hours and 27 visits: (minimum requirement). These are 70% of the total hours for a 1 unit lab course. A “visit” must be a minimum of 20 minutes workout time and not exceed 2 hours. (only 1 visit/day for Fall and Spring semester).
  2. Turn in your fitness workout card: BEFORE your last workout (for accurate results), complete “post-test” with instructor. Upon completion of all 5 requirements, leave fitness card in file cabinet at the conclusion of the semester.


The following regulations and policies will help you proceed through KINE 128 without any difficulty. Please follow these to ensure a quality workout, positive experience and successful completion of the course.

  1. Students must bring a workout towel and dressed in proper workout clothes upon entering the WFC. (refer to dress code on page 3).
  2. Palomar Student Activity ID Card is required to use WFC. NO Student ID CARD and NO TOWEL = NO WORKOUT. Should computer be down, record start/end time where “Computer down time” is indicated. Instructor signature verification required. These hours and visits will be added at the end of the semester.
  3. Students may only attend once a day for up to 2 hours max. Exceeding the 2 hour limit will result in: 01 min of time and loss of visit. Adjusted time will not be reflected in your hourly total when logging out or in the weekly Attendance Tracking Report print out. Adjustment will be calculated at end of semester.
  4. Water bottles only. No food, no sugar drinks. (i.e. sodas, Gatorade, powerade, etc)
  5. NO CELL PHONE USAGE on the workout floor/stretching area. This is a workout facility and classroom, not a lounge.
  6. WFC locker rooms, showers, lockers are for Community membership use only. Students may use restroom facility. Women’s student locker room is located in the O building. Men’s student locker room is located in the M building.
  7. All workouts are to be done in the WFC only. There is no extra credit. Only hours and visits completed in the WFC will be approved. Should you need to exit the WFC at any time, you will be immediately swiped out.
  8. If any of these requirements are not met, you may be asked to leave the facility.


  1. Enter WFC dressed in workout clothes and athletic footwear. Have your workout towel visible and have your Palomar Student Activity ID Card ready to check in at desk.
  2. Your ID card will be swiped to begin your workout time.
  3. Store all personal belongings in the small wooden lockers on premises.
  4. Retrieve your lab card located in the KINE 128 file cabinet.
  5. Take card, towel, water bottle, and a pencil onto floor with you. Date and record training information. Documentation on your fitness card will be verified with a daily Attendance Tracking Report at end of semester. A lab instructor is on duty to assist you with your workout.
  6. At conclusion of workout, file fitness card alphabetically in the cabinet. Your fitness card is to be kept in the WFC at all times. You are responsible for your fitness card. You will only be issued one card for the semester. Do not lose it!
  7. Stop at desk to swipe out and retrieve your Student ID card. Cumulative hours can be provided at that ti
  8. Leave your workout card in the file cabinet at the end of the semester. It will be collected by the KINE 128 coordinator for assessment.
  9. At the semester’s conclusion, a final report will be printed to verify total hours/visits.


  • You must always wear proper workout clothes/shoes. You will not be allowed to work out if dress code is not followed.NO JEANS, NO CASUAL SLACKS, NO CUT-OFFS, NO CARGO SHORTS, NO BERMUDA SHORTS, NO SWIMMING TRUNKS, NO SANDALS, NO CLOTHING WITH BUTTONS, BELTS, RIVETS, OR ZIPPERS, NO SKIRTS, NO DRESSES, NO HEELED SHOES, NO BOOTS OF ANY KIND.
  • Students are not allowed to change clothes or shower at the WFC at any time.
  • You must always bring and swipe your Palomar Student Activity ID Card upon entry of the WFC before beginning your workout. NO Student ID =NO WORKOUT
  • No sugar drinks allowed. Water bottles are acceptable and recommended.
  • No cell phone usage on the workout floor.
  • Check your progress each week.   An Attendance Tracking Report, showing weekly updates of hours and visits, is located on top of the book counter in the black 3-ring binder.
  • Stay informed. Check the large white message board by the windows to learn about current changes and updates.


  • Students will be able to analyze pre and post test results to determine areas of improvement.
  • Students will be able to measure their progress in specific endurance, strength and/or cardio training modes.
  • Students will be able to assess fitness results at semester’s conclusion by comparing pulse recovery calculations.

      NOTE:        If your personal schedule prohibits you to realistically meet all the   requirements for the 128 A, B, C or D, it is advised you take the lab another semester. Adhering to the requirements will be consistent with every student regardless of a student’s outside personal circumstances.