2019 Meeting Materials

In 2018 the District transitioned to BoardDocs. All meeting materials from July 2018 to the present are stored in BoardDocs.

Meeting minutes from 2012-2018 are available in the BoardDocs Library.

An image of the BoardDocs menu bar.

Meeting minutes going back to 1968 are available on the Minutes Archive webpage.

After clicking into BoardDocs users can search for a variety of information. The LIBRARY contains useful information including links to Board meeting recordings, some older Board meeting minutes, and reference materials. Click on the down arrow and then select General. Use the left window to scroll and view information. In addition to the Governing Board materials, a variety of councils and committees also house information in BoardDocs. To see a listing of the various groups that maintain information in BoardDocs, click on the small down arrow next to the icon of the courthouse. Select the Board/Council/Committee group you want, BoardDocs will take you to a listing of all the meetings available. From there you can search all the meetings by using the Search Meetings field: A search field is found atop the list of meeting dates on the left side of the screen. Search tips: Using Quotes to Narrow Results When searching for a specific phrase or set of words, enclosing the search terms in quotes can yield better results, for example: “student teacher agreement” “dress code policy” Using Search Operators to Build Complex Searches You can narrow search results using operators, which include the words and & or. The and operator serves to combine two or more search terms, requiring both terms to be present in order for an item to be considered a valid match. Some examples are shown below. holidays and vacations busing and transportation Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Email ddoerfler@palomar.edu