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Drone Applications and Technlogies

A.S. Degree Major

This program will prepare students to become remote pilots or entrepreneurs in fields that currently deploy Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in their operations. These fields include environmental science and management, real estate, journalism, search and rescue, agriculture, disaster response and management, and cultural resource management among others. This program will provide students with skills in UAS operations as well as the knowledge necessary to plan, create, and develop a UAS based business.

Program Requirements

BMGT 153 Small Business Entrepreneurship 3
CE 100 Cooperative Education 1

CE 150

Cooperative Education Internship 1
GEOG 110 Meteorology: Weather and Climate 3
GEOG 120 Digital Earth: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems 4
GEOG 140 Introduction to Remote Sensing and Drone Data Processing 3
GCIP 168 Digital Imaging with Drones 3
GCIP 268 Digital Imaging with Drones II 3
GEOG 158/ GCIP 158/ GEOL 158 Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Procedures and Regulations 1
Electives 2 Courses
BUS 152 Social Media for Business 3
ENGR 126 Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering 4
GCMW 165 Digital Video Design 3
GCMW 205 Digital Video for Multimedia 3
GEOG 132 Database Management and Data Acquisition 4
GEOG 197 Geography Topics 1-4
Total units 23-29

Palomar College 2019-2020 Catalog