Digital Imaging

A.S. Degree Major or Certificate of Achievement

Prepares students for entry-level position as creator and processor of digital imagery. Layout and creative position in multimedia, internet publishing, digital video, publishing, photography, and motion graphics.

Digital imaging is one of the basic requirements for all electronic communication delivery systems.

Program Requirements

GC 101 History of Graphic Communications 3
GCIP 140 Digital Imaging/Photoshop I 3
GCIP 141 Digital Imaging/Photoshop II 3
GCIP 240 Digital Imaging/Photoshop III 3
GCMW102 Web Page Layout I 3
GCMW 115 Web Page Layout/WordPress 3
GCMW 204 Motion Graphics for Multimedia 3
GCMW 205 Digital Video for Multimedia 3
PHOT 130 Digital Darkroom I 3
Electives (select one)
GCIP 152 Digital Publishing/Illustrator I 3
GCIP 168 Digital Imaging with Drones 3
GCIP 170 Screen Printing 3
GCMW 165 Digital Video Design 3
GCMW 201 Multimedia II 3
GCMW 205 Digital Video for Multimedia 3
Total units 29

Palomar College 2019-2020 Catalog