How to Request an Ergonomic Evaluation:

  1. Faculty: Email your Department Chair and provide the following information:
    Classified Staff: Email your Supervisor and provide the following information:
    Department Chairs/ Supervisors: Email Facilities Remedy at and provide the following information:

    • Full Name
    • Worksite Location
    • Phone Number
    • Simple Description of your ergonomic request
  2. After the Remedy Request has been received, the EH&S Department will contact the requesting employee to schedule an Ergonomic Assessment and gather more information.
  3. After the Ergonomic Assessment has been completed, the EH&S Department will make a recommendation and provide a cost estimate. If the requesting department approves, an account string must be provided before EH&S can purchase any of the recommended items.


What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics involves the arrangement of the workplace environment to fit the person’s work. When ergonomics is applied correctly, stress and many potential injuries/disorders associated with the overuse of muscles, bad posture and repeated tasks can be reduced. Palomar Community College District maintains a comprehensive Ergonomic Program that complies with all local, state and federal regulations.

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