Meet the Staff – EH&S

Derrick Johnson: Manager, Environmental Health & Safety and Chair, Safety & Security Committee. He first began working at Palomar on August 26, 2013. Derrick is responsible for the structuring, implementation and management of a comprehensive environmental health and occupational safety program for the District. Derrick assures compliance with all local, state and federal laws and regulations.

Program disciplines include:

• District Emergency Preparedness
• Occupational Safety
• Environmental Programs (Air, Storm Water & Environmental Assessments)
• Biosafety
• Chemical Safety (Chemical Hygiene Plan)
• Hazardous Waste Management
• Fire Protection
• AED Program
• ADA/Ergonomic Program
• Hazard Communication Programs
• Injury Illness & Prevention Plan (IIPP)
• District Incident/Accident Investigation & Corrective Action Plan
• Property & Liability Loss Prevention Program
Allison Tyra: EH&S Analyst. Allison started working as a full-time EH&S Analyst in September 2023.

The Environmental Health & Safety Specialist deals largely with the coordination of the District’s emergency response, which includes drills, evacuations, staff/faculty training, and programs that comply with state and federal regulations. Along with emergency response, the specialist coordinates OSHA safety training for District employees, including managing the records and reports. They serve as the scheduler and recorder for the District’s Safety and Security Committee, Emergency Preparedness Plan Working Group, and Infrastructure Group. They also update and maintain all aspects of the EH&S website/related pages.
VACANT: Risk Management Analyst
David Williams: EH&S Technician. David started working as a full-time EH&S Technician employee in July 2018.

EH&S Technicians deal with inspections and manage programs pertaining to life safety, fire protection and hazardous materials/waste management. David conducts ergonomic assessments for the District, inspects the District’s laboratories and facilities to ensure compliance with both federal and state requirements, and coordinates on-campus bio-hazard and hazardous waste roundups for off campus disposal.
Jason Bennett: EH&S Technician. Jason started working as a part-time employee in June 2012.

Jason is responsible for the placement, use, maintenance and testing of campus fire suppression systems and portable fire extinguishers throughout the District. He works with vendors to ensure routine maintenance on all fire extinguishers takes place on an annual basis, and ensures annual and monthly inspection records are maintained. In addition, he inspects all campus emergency generators and logs emergency generator operating hours in log book per APCD Permit requirements. He also is responsible for AED inspections and maintenance, helps with campus hazardous waste round-ups and maintains the SDS Database for the district.