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Scholarship Committee


The Scholarship Committee reviews applications for Palomar College scholarships, selects award recipients, and assists the Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships in establishing policy relative to the administration of the scholarship program.

Reporting Relationship

Student Services Planning Council

Meeting Schedule

Once a year


Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships

Faculty Members Six faculty members at large

Shelbi Mayo (16-18)

Veronica Aguilar (16-18)

Clare Rolens (16-18)

Chuong Nguyen (16-18)

Sylvia Mendoza (17-19)

Catherine Gwin (17-19)


• Six Faculty representatives appointed by the Faculty Senate

• One Classified Unit Employee representative appointed by CCE/AFT

• One Student representative appointed by ASG

• One Confidential and Supervisory Team representative appointed by CAST

• One Financial Aid Advisor (Scholarship) as process coordinator

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Financial Aid Add/Drop Deadline (Freeze Dates)
Class schedule must be finalized
(Including Late Start classes) by:

Fall 2021: September 7, 2021
Spring 2022: February 14, 2022

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