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Financial Aid is money available to assist students with the costs of attending college.  It includes waivers, gift aid in the form of grants and scholarships, and self-help aid in the form of college work-study and student loan programs.Financial Aid types can be easily understood when broken down into funding sources.  Financial aid programs are funded by both federal and state governments, the educational institution, and from private sources in the form of scholarships.  The U.S. Department of Education has a Student Guide which provides greater detail on Federal Student Aid and is available online at .

Federal Government Aid

Gift Aid-money that does
not have to be repaid

Federal Pell Grant
Federal Pell Grants are available to undergraduate students only. Grants do not have to be repaid.
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Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants are grants available for undergraduates only; awards range from $100-$600.
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Self Help Aid –money that must
be earned or repaid

Federal Work Study Program
The Federal Work-Study Program is a Federal Financial Aid Program offered at Palomar College. Students must apply and be eligible before starting employment. The award is earned through part-time employment on campus. The federal government funds 100% of the program
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William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan
The William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program, also referred to as Direct Loan Program, is a federal program that provides loans to student and parent borrowers directly through the U.S. Department of Education.
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State Government Aid

Award that does
not have to be repaid

Cal Grants B, & C

 Cal Grant awards are state funded monetary grants given to students to help pay for college expenses. The awards do not have to be paid back.
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Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver
Need based fee waiver
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Other Programs & Services Offered at Palomar College

Palomar College Scholarships Program Scholarships are offered in cooperation with the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office and the Palomar College Foundation Office
Extended Opportunity Programs and Services EOP&S is a state-funded program designed for the orientation, recruitment and retention of California residents who are economically, socially, and educationally disadvantaged. EOP&S assists students in reaching their educational goals through academic support and financial assistance.
Institutional Emergency Loans – Apply at Financial Aid Office
  • Steinberg $250 (1 week application process)
  • Emergency $50 (same day)
Outside Scholarships
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You can fill out your 2022/2023 FAFSA! Please go online at

For 2022/2023 Dream Act, go online at:

Financial Aid Add/Drop Deadline (Freeze Dates)
Class schedule must be finalized
(Including Late Start classes) by:

Fall 2021: September 7, 2021
Spring 2022: February 14, 2022

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