Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What types of transcripts are available?

There are two types of transcripts: Official and unofficial. Unofficial transcripts can be printed for the student’s own record through Student eServices.

How can I obtain a copy of my unofficial transcript?

Unofficial transcripts can be printed for the student’s own record through Student eServices. Please follow the steps below to view/print your unofficial transcript.

Log in to your Student eServices account.
Click on the Student Center tab
Click on the “other academic…” menu
Select “Transcript: View Unofficial” from the dropdown menu
Click on the "<<" (otherwise known as the Go button)
Select Report Type: E-Services
Click on Go – this process may take a few minutes

You should now be able to view your Palomar College unofficial transcript.

I need an official transcript. How can I request a copy of my official transcript?

Official transcripts are processed through the Records Office and may be sent directly to colleges, employers or the student. There are three ways that you may request an official transcript: in person at the Records Office, online, or by mail. Please visit our website for more information.

What if I need a transcript right away? Is there a rush process?

The Records Office does offer rush service for transcripts at an additional charge. Internet requests are processed in 1-2 business days for a cost of $13 per transcript. In-person or U.S. Mail rush service is $10 per transcript (after first two free transcripts).

I owe money to Palomar College. May I still order an official transcript?

Transcript orders are not processed if you have a debt at Palomar College. Failure to make payments of any amount is considered sufficient cause to withhold future enrollment, transcripts, verifications, diplomas, and certificates. Your transcript will not be processed if you have a disciplinary hold as well.

I have two free transcripts. Will I be able to order my two free transcripts online?

Yes. Students are entitled to receive two free transcripts in their career under the Education Code and may request them online.

Can someone else pick up my transcript/verification for me?

No, transcripts may not be picked up by another person unless the student has given written authorization with the request. The designated person is expected to show a picture I.D. before obtaining the transcript.

My transcripts from other schools are on file in the Records Office. Can you send these other academic transcripts along with the Palomar College transcript?

No. Palomar College will not provide students with copies of another institution’s transcript that we may have in our possession.