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Counseling Department

Student Success, Equity and Counseling Services Division

COVID-19 Student Information

Due to Governor Newsom’s Stay at Home order and our commitment to protecting the health and safety of our faculty and staff, we are working remotely.  Please note all classes and lab courses will be delivered in an off-site format that will be identified by instructors.  Instructors will contact their students to inform them as to how to engage in their coursework and class time.  All student services are available remotely.



Students are being offered the option of meeting with a counselor  via Zoom (video-conference) or telephone. Please see the Appointments page to for information on how to meet with a counselor. For quick questions, schedule a 15 minute quick question appointment.

Drops for Spring 2020

To petition for an EW, excused withdrawal, please complete the  excused withdrawal petition form and send it to from your Palomar email account. Supporting documentation is needed to verify student circumstance.  The form is under the Records Office forms. If no documentation is included, Records will send back to the student asking for documentation and not forward until documentation is received to support petition. Last day to submit was August 15, 2020.


Fall 2020

Fall 2020 course offerings will continue to be delivered in an off-site format with the exception of a few courses. Some courses will have synchronized class meetings and some will not. Please refer to the notes in the schedule online for details.


Spring 2021

Spring will be mostly online with a few exceptions for face-to-face instruction. Take a look at the Spring 2021 Semester Student Letter for more information.


Information and Resources

For overall wellness, click on the image below. For Palomar updates on COVID-19, click here.  For student resources, click here. For specific information and resources in San Diego County, go to 211 San Diego.

The 6 Dimensions of Wellness include the following areas: Emotional, Social, Physical, Academic, Financial, and Spiritual

Last modified on September 3, 2020