How to Apply to Palomar

There are three parts to the application:

      1. CCC Apply application
      2. Palomar College application
      3. Creating your Palomar password

*Use this form to keep track of your application information.

1) CCC Apply Application
    1. Apply online at
      Click on “Create Account” and you will be redirected to the CCC Apply website.
    2. Once you have completed the CCC Apply application, you will be given your CCCID. Make sure to click “Continue” to go to the Palomar College application.
2) Palomar College Application
    1. Complete the Palomar College Application which is divided into 9 sections:
      1. Enrollment Information (Term, your educational goal and Major)
      2. Account Information (validates your OpenCCC account and to enter your mailing address)
      3. Education (Questions about your high school and previous colleges attended)
      4. Citizenship/Military (Questions about your citizenship status and military information)
      5. Residency (Questions related to your physical presence in California and intent to make it your home)
      6. Needs & Interests (Questions related to other services you might be interested in)
      7. Demographic Information (Questions related to your gender, ethnicity)
      8. Supplemental Questions
      9. Submission (Electronic signature, consent)
    2. You have finished the application once you click on “Sign Out & Finish.”
3) Next Step – Creating your Palomar password
    1. Wait for your Palomar ID# to be sent to you in your email.
    2. Once you have your Palomar ID#, then click on MyPalomar, then click on “ID/Password Help” on the login page to create your password. Input your Palomar ID# only, not your SS# when creating your password.
Last modified on December 28, 2019