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IPC (9/27/17)

The following discussion and action took place at the September 27, 2017 meeting of the Instructional Planning Council:

Vice President for Instruction, Jack S. Kahn, Ph.D. called the meeting to order at 2:36 p.m.

  • Announcements:
    • Accreditation Steering Committee – IPC representative needed – Justin Smiley volunteered to serve on this committee.
    • Marketing Update by Laura Gropen on 10/11/17 – VP Kahn announced that Laura Gropen will be presenting a marketing update at IPC on 10/11/17.
  • Information/Discussion Items:
    • Add Associate Dean of Workforce & Extended Education to IPC – VP Kahn proposed to add the Associate Dean of Workforce & Extended Studies to IPC. There was discussion on keeping the structure as is, with “5 instructional deans” and having up to 5 present at each meeting.  There was further discussion on adding an Apprenticeship faculty member and also adding the Dean of Workforce & Extended Studies to keep the balance between administrators and faculty.  VP Kahn reported that we will bring it forth as a 1st reading at the next IPC meeting on October 11, 2017 adding the Dean of Workforce & Extended Studies and an Apprenticeship faculty member.
    • CASAS Update – Suzanne Sebring reported the Adult Education Block Grant (AEBG) members are working with ESL, Math and Reading for the CASAS implementation. Each area is implementing it differently.  CASAS (Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems) is a nonprofit organization that provides assessments of basic skills for youth and adults and curricular tools to target instruction. CASAS is used by federal and state government agencies, business and industry, community colleges, education and training providers, correctional facilities, and technical programs.
  • Waitlists Workgroup – VP Kahn reported he is working on putting together a Waitlists Workgroup that will report out to IPC. Kelber and Kelly Falcone volunteered to assist. There was discussion on IPC implementing “Best Practices” around waitlists.  There was a suggestion to have Dr. Magnuson be involved and also to have him present at IPC.  VP Kahn reported he will reach out to Dr. Magnuson and will also ask Travis Ritt to see any if any faculty members would like to be included.  We will report back as an update at the next IPC meeting on 10/11/17.
  • PRP (I.B.5) (I.B.9)
    • Timeline (Attachment A) – VP Kahn presented the updated IPC timeline. He advised that degree and certificate information is now available now on the IRP website.
    • Rubric – VP Kahn reported that the comprehensive PRP rubric has been updated; incorporating the suggestions he has received. The Deans will be trained on the new rubric on September 28, 2017.
    • Training – VP Kahn reported that Deans will be conducting training over the next two weeks. He will send the dates of the trainings out to the Council.
    • Forms – Kelly Falcone gave an overview of the new PRP process on the Google drive. She took the Council to the following URL: which is a test site she created.
  • Auditing a Course – Dean Sivert reported many times extenuating situations occur around audits. The question was that if Palomar College is largely denying audits, should we have verbiage in our catalog and in our policies and procedures stating that auditing is allowed and further stating the parameters around it.  VP Kahn suggested we discuss this here and also at Faculty Senate.  Seth San Juan volunteered to bring this to the Faculty Senate for discussion and bring feedback to the Council on 10/11/17.
  • Strong Workforce & Perkins Membership – Update (IV.A.3) – VP Kahn reported that he discussed this with Dr. Blake and she is on board with the creation of this group and to have it report to IPC. There was consensus among the Council to support this as a way to move towards better integrating both areas within the college structure.
  • Instruction – New Partnerships –VP Kahn reported that the Deans and Directors have been doing a lot of outreach and making connections in the community:
    • Engibeering – We have met with CSUSM to discuss their Engibeering program that will be starting soon. They would like us to provide classes as a stepping stone into their program.
    • Formerly Incarcerated Students – We have met with members of Santa Barbara College and Mira Costa College to assist us getting better connected with serving formerly incarcerated students. Suzanne Sebring is taking the lead on offering instruction at Vista Jail and also offering a Summer Bridge program.
    • Business Programs – Tabled.
    • San Marcos Methodist Church – We are in collaboration with them in attempting to reach this demographic group with our Religious Studies program.
    • TERI, Inc. – We have met with them and are learning about the different programs they offer and how we can partner with them. They serve people with developmental disabilities.  They have also contributed a great deal to our food bank.
    • CSUSM Accelerated KINE Program – We have been working on this for about a year. CSUSM has a very impacted Kinesiology major.  Their Extended Education program will be prioritizing Palomar College students to get into their program by auto-enrolling students who take certain classes at Palomar College.
    • Harrah’s and Pala Casino – We have met with them to learn about ways we can serve them. Rincon has the 1st Native American Brewery and Beer.  We are working with them on partnering this with the CSUSM Engibeering program.  Harrah’s is interested in partnering with us around culinary and they advised that we can use their kitchen in this effort.  Nichol Roe reported that the VUSD applied for a grant around culinary as well.
    • Summer enrichment programs – Nichol Roe reported that we will be offering Palomar Powered Summer Enrichment Programs (formerly called Summer Academies). Classes will be transferrable and will be offered to all students, but marketed to 9th – 11th  Some examples of programs to be offered are:  Build Your Own Computer (BYOC), Fast and Furious Calculus Academy, Fire Forensics, First Responders, Gray’s Anatomy, Ocean Explorers, STEM Academies, Time, truth & Temples and Triple Threat.

Full meeting minutes, once approved, can be found at the Instructional Planning Council website: