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SSEC (10/14/16)


  • Review Fall 2016 Funding Requests – The following Student Equity Funding Requests were reviewed and ranked by each SSEC member.  There was consensus among the Council to fund all of the requests presented.
    • ESL Recognition Events – Lee Chen
      • Description: Recognition events of ESL student progress.
      • Target Population: ESL & Basic Skills Completion for Hispanics, Males, Students w/Disabilities.
      • Goals: Increase engagement among ESL & Basic Skills students. Increase participation in student support activities (tutoring, campus services).
    • Spanish Translation of Campus Documents – Dean Jack Kahn
      • Description: Translate campus services materials into Spanish.
      • Target Population: ESL & Basic Skills student populations.
      • Goals: Increase retention and success of Spanish-dominant ESL students in various programs. Increase student and family accessibility to student support service information.
    • Service Learning – Dr. Laurel Anderson
      • Description: Provide active, service-focused community based learning for students.
      • Target Population: Veterans, Foster Youth, African American, Latino, Ages 25-29, Students w/Disabilities
      • Goals: Provide extensive outreach and support for DI students participating in SL.  Increase student retention and engagement.
    • Library, Dashboard Lessons – Marlene Forney/April Cunningham
      • Description: Update and maintain Dashboard Lesson content and provide 24-hour access to information literacy lessons.
      • Target Population: DI students pursuing degrees/certificates or transfer.
      • Goals: Increase use of self-paced online dashboard lessons focused on information literacy among DI students. Establish interface with PeopleSoft and track impact of usage.
    • Library, Student Performances – Marlene Forney
      • Description: In-reach initiative featuring library/theater/student performances about facing adversity w/Black History Month theme.
      • Target Population: All students visiting library with focus on sharing information library services to DI students.
      • Goals: Highlight available library support services for DI students.
    • Athletics, Tutoring – Steve White
      • Description: Provide need-specific tutoring support to athletes.
      • Target Population: DI student athletes including African American and Students w/Disabilities.
      • Goals: Increase degree completion of African American and Students w/Disabilities who are also athletes.
    • Veteran’s Outreach Specialist – Pete Ordille
      • Description: Hire outreach specialist to work with military transition team to reach active duty personnel leaving service and entering public safety education                                 programs at Palomar.
      • Target Population: Veterans
      • Goals: Increase access and number of veterans seeking public safety training/certification at Palomar.
    • STAR Tutoring – Ruth Barnaba
      • Description: Provide direct outreach to DI students about tutoring support services. Provide tutoring to DI students.
      • Target Population: All DI populations
      • Goals: Increase course completion, degree/certification completion, transfer for DI students through academic support/tutoring services.
  • Workgroups Report Out
    • Access and Outreach: Dean Jack Kahn reported that they are still in the beginning stages.  They are working on creating a Mission and Value statement for our Veteran students and providing information out to our active duty military students.
    • Retention: Martha Martinez reported they have implemented a student survey to find out why students have stopped attending college.
    • Student Pathways: Travis Ritt reported that they have reached out to departments to get feedback from them before moving forward.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:59 a.m.

SPC (02/02/16)

Strategic Planning Council

The following action and discussion took place at the February 2, 2016 meeting of the Strategic Planning Council.


  • MS (Dryden/Stockert):  Approval to add the Director of Enrollment Services to the Budget Committee.  The motion carried


  • New Compressed Academic Calendar 2016-2017
  • Holiday Schedule 2016-2017
  • Winter Holiday Schedule 2016-2017; 2017-18; 2018-2019


  • Discussion on the five areas of focus for the semester: stabilization of enrollments; fiscal planning to ensure a balanced budget; filling critical vacancies; strengthening of outreach and retention efforts; and strengthening our messaging to our community
  • Dan Sourbeer reviewed how enrollment is calculated, the current enrollment numbers, and potential enrollment for 2016-17.  He discussed the challenges and opportunities to increase enrollment
  • Michelle Barton presented an enrollment flow study, showing where District students are attending community college in San Diego County, and where Palomar College students come from.
  • Ron Perez reported on the Governor’s proposed budget.
  • Ron Perez reported that Palomar College is in stability funding and lead a discussion on its impact to the District.
  • The Student Union Outdoor Digital Signage SPPF request was approved in the amount of $29,000 to $32,000.  The signage will be purchased after a recommendation on district-wide signage is made by the new architects.
  • ACCJC is looking for additional evaluators; contact the Accreditation Office if interested.

Additional information and exhibits can be found at the Strategic Planning Website:

SPC (11/17/15)

Strategic Planning Council

The following action and discussion took place at the November 17, 2015 meeting of the Strategic Planning Council. To read these highlights and those from other councils, please go to

• Add an Administrative Association member to the Student Services Planning Council
• Board Policy 5500-Standards of Student Conduct; Board Policy 6700-Civic Center and other Facilities
• Administrative Procedure 3750-Use of Copyrighted Materials; Administrative Procedure 5500-Standards of Student Conduct; Administrative Procedure 6700-Other Facilities Use
• Policies and Procedures Reference Changes
• Student Equity Plan 2014-2017

• Review of timeline for activities for Strategic Plan 2016 Implementation, Institutional Planning, and Budget Development and Review
• Discussion of ways to close the gap between marketing/outreach and student registration, including a recommendation to obtain the Customer Relations Software
• Discussion of what SPC members would like a third-party consultant to answer regarding marketing and outreach at Palomar College

Additional information and exhibits can be found at the Strategic Planning Website: