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Chairs & Directors (5/6/16)

Interim Vice President for Instruction Dan Sourbeer called the meeting to order at 1:09 p.m.

  • Interim VP Sourbeer discussed enrollment management. Historically, summer enrollment is an indicator of fall enrollment. At this time, summer enrollment is down, but enrollment continues and the hope is these numbers will increase.
  • New announcements included the hiring of a new CTE Dean who will begin on July 1st, Margie Fritch. In addition, a marketing firm is being selected who will work with faculty and staff to redefine Palomar and make sure the community knows what we have to offer.
  • Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) had a presentation on the South Center and voted unanimously to move forward. The Board will be discussing the South Center at an upcoming Board workshop.
  • A lot of collaboration is occurring between Palomar and its K-12 districts. Discussions and activities including dual enrollment, CSU remediation, cohort groups for summer classes, and noncredit opportunities through the Adult Education Block Grant are underway.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer informed the group that the IPC approved the subcommittee recommended top 20 positions to hire for 2017-18. It is possible that hiring will not occur next year, as our numbers are down and significant hiring is taking place this year.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer indicated that IPC is working on approval of PRP funding allocations. The goal is to allocate lottery funds at the beginning of each fiscal year for regular operating expenses. The remainder of lottery funds and block grant funds will be allocated for one time or short term uses at the end of the fiscal year. Those funds will be available July 1st of the next fiscal year and must be used within that year.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer discussed the need for increased money for conference/travel. He is working with the Foundation to secure an allocation. This might be coordinated through Professional Development. He asked those present if getting a more significant allocation every four (4) years or so would be a better option than having a smaller amount available. The consensus was this would preferred. Rand Green mentioned that travel for professional development and travel for training (updating of certifications, etc.) should be viewed differently.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer discussed topics from a recent CIO conference which included regionalization of funding, including AEBG and some of the CTE initiatives. In addition 25 recommendations from the Taskforce on Workforce were discussed. Strategic planning in regard to these recommendations will take place over the summer.
  • Interim President Gonzales, Interim VP Sourbeer, and Acting VP Stockert visited Arizona State University last week to tour the campus and learn about transfer opportunities for Palomar students.
  • Work on the accreditation recommendations continues and will be finalized over the summer.
  • The Policies & Procedures committee will be addressing the free speech policies and procedures at 9:00 am in Room H-306 on May 13th. BP 3900 & AP 3900 are attached for your review.
  • Dean Kahn introduced the Instructional Showcase Advertising Team, including Chris Norcross, Melinda Finn, Kelly Helming and Abby Algarin. This team has been working on a tool for our website that has been developed to showcase programs and activities occurring at Palomar. Events can be share through various social media and flyers can be automatically generated using this tool as well.
  • Dean Sivert, Debra Avila, and Chris Norcross discussed a tool called the SkillShop Site Calendar that is being developed to be a one-stop destination for students to see what workshops are available to assist them in meeting their educational needs. The calendar is color coded and can be filtered by category and/or campus locations to see what SkillShops are being offered.
  • Chris Norcross demonstrated how to use the new Open Class Search Tool, which has been launched and allows filtering of open classes to find a course needed by the individual student, depending on their educational goal.
  • Dean Sivert mentioned that the look of e-services is changing. She asked that Directors and Department Chairs inform their faculty.
  • Dean Sivert also discussed the progress of the creation of a part-time faculty pool and the steps to be used when utilizing this resource, which she hopes to see up and running this summer. We will continue to streamline the process collectively.
  • Marty Furch and Wendy Nelson discussed work of the Learning Outcomes Council and GE-ILO assessments. They also discussed the job of the SLO facilitator and offered recommendations as to how this position should be structured/filled in the future.
  • Interim Dean Kailikole gave an update on the status of the HSI STEM Proposal. We will not know until June or July if the college will be receiving funding. Interim Dean Kailikole, Interim Dean Blanchard and Dean Kahn and working on another STEM grant. Information will be presented to the Faculty Senate on May 16th.
  • Interim Director Harris explained to faculty that they do not issue medical excuses to students and ask that faculty not send them to the Health Center for this reason.

The meeting adjourned at 2:53 p.m.

IPC (4/27/2016)

The following discussion took place at the April 27, 2016 meeting of the Instructional Planning Council:


  • Interim VP Sourbeer reviewed the PRP priorities as recommended by the Division deans. The priority list was sorted by funding source (block grant or lottery), by Dean’s priority. A change in this process includes the attempt to identify ongoing operational expenses to fund in departmental budgets and use the PRP process only for expenses that are not regular ongoing operational in nature. Council members were asked to review the list which will be moved to action at the next meeting
  • Interim VP Sourbeer discussed items from last week’s CIO meeting in Sacramento. Topics included the push towards regional collaboration/funding. This is already occurring with the Adult Education Block Grant, Career Technical Education, and Workforce Development. Another theme of the conference was coordinating funding sources. There are many grants and initiatives with different plans and different reporting metrics. There is an effort to try to create mechanisms to coordinate these initiatives. As a college, we are looking toward the possibility of having one application for requests for funds which would be reviewed by a workgroup to ascertain the appropriate funding source in order to best serve our student populations.
  • Interim President Gonzales, Interim VP Sourbeer, and Acting VP Stockert visited Arizona State University on Monday to tour the campus and learn about transfer opportunities for Palomar students.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer mentioned that accreditation work is on schedule and will continue over the summer.
  • Wendy Nelson reported that the Student Pathways group on 3SP is making progress. All council members are currently reading Redesigning America’s Community Colleges and ideas/implications will then be discussed.
  • Wendy Nelson informed the council that LOC has assessed 30 classes and Institutional Research and Planning will now analyze the results. One of LOCs goals this year is to develop and disseminate suggestions for using SLO assessment data in program review. They will bring feedback from LOC to the IPC workgroup that will begin updating the PRP process
  • Interim VP Sourbeer indicated that an RFP has gone out to identify a consultant to begin assisting with marketing. He assured the council members that faculty/staff will be involved in a dialog with the marketing firm in regard to plan strategies..
  • Interim Dean Blanchard gave an update report on the Adult Education Block Grant explaining the college is working with the Education to Career Network of North San Diego County, a consortium of service area districts, and has developed a three year plan with the goal of ending duplication of services and working collaboratively to align Adult School curriculum to transition seamlessly to college and/or the workforce. A lot of work will occur this summer with faculty representatives from each Adult School and the college for the curriculum alignment project with Adult Schools. In addition, meetings are taking place with departments that are interested in developing noncredit courses leading into credit CTE coursework and Community Education classes for seniors. For more information on the AEBG grant, visit
  • Interim VP Sourbeer informed the council that the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) conducted their review of the Nursing program this week and there were no findings of non-compliance. A report will be sent to the BRN for final approval next month. Upon approval by the Board in September, accreditation is confirmed for the next five years.

Additional information can be found at the Instructional Planning Council Website: