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HRSPC (5/10/17)

The following discussion took place at the May 10, 2017 meeting of the Human Resource Services Planning Council:


  • EEO Fund Allocation 2017-2018

EEO funds will once again be allocated pursuant to the Multiple Method model for fiscal year 2017-2018.  The District utilizes these funds for many things, such as EEO-related programs, training, employment advertising, and 2nd level interview travel reimbursements.   The Chancellor’s Office has not yet announced how much the EEO fund allocations will be for Districts who meet all the requirements.

  • IEPI Visit

Initial recommendations and suggestions were made by the Partnership Resource Team (PRT) at an April 27th meeting with members of the District.   One recommendation for HRS is to revise AP7120 – Recruitment and Hiring, to allow more flexibility in the District’s hiring procedure.  The PRT will schedule a follow-up visit in Fall 2018 when final recommendations will be presented.  The District will receive $200,000 to assist in the implementation of the recommended improvements.

Full meeting minutes, once approved, can be found at the Human Resource Services Planning Council Website:


SSPC (3/22/17)

The following discussion took place at the March 22, 2017 meeting of the Student Services Planning Council:


  • Need Member from SSPC to Serve on SSEC – VP Gonzales advised the Council that there is a position available on SSEC for a faculty member from SSPC. There were no volunteers at this time.  We will revisit this item in the fall 2017 semester.
  • Review 2016-17 PRP’s – VP Gonzales advised we need to have a more consistent approach with our SAO’s and to also find ways to ensure our data collection is cleaner across the board. We will identify who our SAO Coordinator is and reach out to that person to guide us through the process.
    • Counseling – Non-Instructional – Patrick O’Brien reviewed this PRP.
    • EOPS/CARE and CalWORKs – Brian Stockert reviewed this PRP.
    • Transfer Center – Elvia Nunez reviewed this PRP.
  • Update on Student Services BP/AP – VP Gonzales reported that the following Student Services BP’s and AP’s were sent to the Council for feedback. There were no suggested edits from the Council.  They will be moved forward to Policies & Procedures, SPC and then to the Governing Board for final approval.  Item 3c will be tabled until the next meeting on April 12, 2017 as our new Director of Financial Aid, Adrianne Lee is making edits to this AP.
    • AP 5015 – Residence Determination
    • AP 5070 – Attendance
    • AP 5130 – Financial Aid, Veterans’ & Scholarship Services – Tabled.
    • AP 5300 – Student Equity
  • IEPI Visit on 3/17/17 – VP Gonzales reported on the IEPI visit took place on March 17, 2017. The visiting team gave us a lot of positive and complimentary feedback.  They will make recommendations at their next visit in April 2017 and will return again in fall of 2018.   They focused on the following items:
    • Enrollment Management – Current processes and suggestions for improvement
    • Human Resources – Hiring process, hiring committees, time management, etc.
    • Communications – Shared governance and communications reaching all constituent groups
  • North Center Update – VP Gonzales reported that the land at the North Center has been graded. The Center will include temporary mobile buildings while the permanent buildings are being constructed.  We will be offering General Education classes, Biological Sciences and possibly Public Safety classes beginning in the fall of 2018.
  • South Center Update -VP Gonzales reported that the South Center is currently being remodeled. The Groundbreaking took place on March 3, 2017.  We will be offering classes starting in the fall of 2018.  We will be offering General Education classes, Technology classes and CTE classes.  Staffing is currently being discussed at the VP Student Services Cabinet.  A PowerPoint of both the North and South Centers will be sent out to the SSPC.
  • Student Health Centers:
    • New Behavioral Health Counselor – Mariana Guzman
    • Outreach Activities – Judy Harris and Dr. Jean Cook will be discussing Mental Health resources on campus at Classified Speaks on March 23, 2017. This information will also be discussed at Classified Staff Development Day on March 28, 2017.
    • Planned Parenthood Event – This will be held on April 5, 2017 from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. in Student Quad.


  • VP Gonzales reported that there is a regional initiative to offer services to formerly incarcerated students. We will be identifying a liaison to lead this effort.

Full meeting minutes, once approved, can be found at the Student Services Planning Council website:

Basic Skills Committee

Committee/Council Name: BASIC SKILLS COMMITTEE

Meeting Date: 02/18/2016

The following action and discussion took place at the February 18, 2016 meeting of the Basic Skills Committee:


  • Report on the IEPI Workshop “Community Colleges Basic Skills and student Outcomes Transformation Program.”
  • Report on spring Learning Communities; preview of fall 2016 Learning Communities.
  • Report on Summer Bridge: the application is now open on eServices.
  • FYE Spring Field trip to the Birch Aquarium was a success.  Students from Summer Bridge and Learning Communities also attended.
  • The Committee reviewed the Basic Skills Action Plan’s Goals.

Link to full meeting minutes:

SPC (05/05/15)

The following action and discussion took place at the May 5, 2015 meeting of the Strategic Planning Council:


  • MS (Titus/Sourbeer):  Approval of Staffing Master Plan Year 5 Update.  The motion carried.
  • MS (Sourbeer/Sebring):  Approval of Institution-Set Targets for IEPI.  The motion carried.


  • The Compressed Calendar Model was discussed
  • A STEM Title V Grant in partnership with CSUSM was discussed
  • The Strategic Plan 2016 – End of Year Progress Report on Year Two was reviewed
  • Michelle Barton led members in a formative evaluation of the program review and planning process
  • Strategic Plan 2016 Year 3 Goals and Objectives were discussed and agreed upon.  A draft Strategic Plan 2016 Year 3 Goals and Objectives will be reviewed at the August SPC meeting.
  • Berta Cuaron reported that the District submitted factual corrections to the draft report from the Accreditation Site-Visit Team
  • Kendyl Magnuson provided an enrollment update

Additional information including minutes, agenda, and exhibits can be found at the Strategic Planning Website:

Institution-Set Targets for IEPI are Exhibit 3.

To read the District’s Staffing Master Plan Year 5 Update, go to