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FASPC (04/14/16)

Finance & Administrative Services Planning Council


The following action and discussion took place at the April 14, 2016 meeting of the Finance & Administrative Services Planning Council:


  • MS (Miller/Coniglio): The minutes from the March 10th meeting were approved with an abstention from Jose Fernandez and Connie Moise.


  • VP Perez reviewed the draft of AP 3570 – Smoking and/or Other Tobacco Use. There were no comments or suggestions from the members.
  • VP Perez reported due to the compressed calendar for the fall 2016 semester, the starting and ending times of classes will be shifting. Our meeting time will change from 2-3:30PM to 2:45-4PM to accommodate our faculty members.
  • VP Perez reported the members for the Presidential Search Committee were approved with Governing Board Secretary, Nancy C. Chadwick serving as the committee chair. A tentative start date for the new President is August 2016.
  • VP Perez reported there will be a special SPC meeting on April 27, 2016 from 3:30-5 PM to discuss the South Education Center and encourages anyone interested to attend.
  • VP Perez reported the Budget Committee will be making recommendations to SPC on budget reduction ideas while the District is in stability funding.
  • Connie Moise reported a taskforce was created to review mobile apps for the District. They reviewed 3 companies and will be presenting their findings at the next SPC meeting on April 19, 2016.

Additional information can be found at the Finance & Administrative Services Planning Council Website:


SPC (02/02/16)

Strategic Planning Council

The following action and discussion took place at the February 2, 2016 meeting of the Strategic Planning Council.


  • MS (Dryden/Stockert):  Approval to add the Director of Enrollment Services to the Budget Committee.  The motion carried


  • New Compressed Academic Calendar 2016-2017
  • Holiday Schedule 2016-2017
  • Winter Holiday Schedule 2016-2017; 2017-18; 2018-2019


  • Discussion on the five areas of focus for the semester: stabilization of enrollments; fiscal planning to ensure a balanced budget; filling critical vacancies; strengthening of outreach and retention efforts; and strengthening our messaging to our community
  • Dan Sourbeer reviewed how enrollment is calculated, the current enrollment numbers, and potential enrollment for 2016-17.  He discussed the challenges and opportunities to increase enrollment
  • Michelle Barton presented an enrollment flow study, showing where District students are attending community college in San Diego County, and where Palomar College students come from.
  • Ron Perez reported on the Governor’s proposed budget.
  • Ron Perez reported that Palomar College is in stability funding and lead a discussion on its impact to the District.
  • The Student Union Outdoor Digital Signage SPPF request was approved in the amount of $29,000 to $32,000.  The signage will be purchased after a recommendation on district-wide signage is made by the new architects.
  • ACCJC is looking for additional evaluators; contact the Accreditation Office if interested.

Additional information and exhibits can be found at the Strategic Planning Website:

Chairs & Directors (12/4/15)

Chairs & Directors

Interim Vice President for Instruction Dan Sourbeer called the meeting to order at 1:07 p.m.

• Dean Jack Kahn followed up on the Follett Discover presentation given by Najib Manea at the last meeting. He answered questions indicating 1) current data will be integrated into the new system – you will not have to start over, and 2) there is flexibility with participation and those who do not wish to use Blackboard may continue to handle their adoptions via phone or email. Given this flexibility, the decision was made to move forward with the integration of Follett Discover Adopt & Access.

• Dean Brian Stockert introduced the college’s new Articulation Officer, Benjamin Mudgett. He also indicated a new DRC Director will be starting after the January Board Meeting.

• Interim VP Sourbeer opened a discussion of the failed Presidential search, indicating the process would be starting over in the spring.

• Interim VP Sourbeer then outlined how he expected the district to move forward in a number of areas this spring. Some of the gaps in Administration will be filled. The Governing Board will be asked to approve Dr. Kathleen Kailikole as Interim Dean for MNHS at its January 12th meeting. The District is currently advertising for the Dean, CTEE and may go out for the Dean, AMBCS position later this spring. Mollie Smith has taken a Dean’s position in Long Beach City College. In her absence, Barbara Blanchard will be the lead administrator for the Adult Education Block Grant. The possibility of reorganizing the college will also be considered. VP Sourbeer also addressed the South Center. A new parking study is being conducted as part of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR), and this addition to the EIR will likely delay opening the South Center to spring 2018. The district will likely identify a Director for the South Center relatively soon to coordinate all the details of the opening, and get out into the community to form relationships and determine needs for scheduling purposes.

• Spring Enrollment is currently down. Outreach and marketing strategies are needed to increase enrollment. Relationships with the high schools are being formed as are relationships with the business community in order to strengthen pathways. The benefit of internship relationships was also discussed.

• There is a PRP workgroup that will be active in early spring to look at the process. Interim VP Sourbeer requested that chairs make notes as they are working on filling out the forms this year in order to provide feedback to the workgroup.

• Interim VP Sourbeer updated the group on the progress with the Accreditation recommendations.

• Construction for the STEM Center will begin over the break and will, hopefully, be completed by March.

• The district is expanding its international relationships. Representatives from CSUSM introduced the administration to individuals with ties to universities in China. They are interested in developing “2 + 1” programs (2 years in China, 1 year at Palomar) in Child Development, Kinesiology, and Drafting Technology, with the possibility of expanding to other programs in the future. A similar relationship may also develop with universities in Korea.

• Interim VP Sourbeer discussed the need to publicize the fall 2016 compressed calendar and new schedule in the spring to make sure students are the community are aware of the upcoming changes.

The meeting adjourned at 2:08 p.m.

Next Meeting
February 5, 2016

Chairs & Directors Meeting, 10/2/15

Meeting Summary Chairs and Directors Meeting October 2, 2015

Interim Vice President for Instruction Dan Sourbeer called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m.

  • Eric Briggs, Internship Coordinator at Palomar for this academic year, gave a presentation on the program. The goal of the program is to ready students to facilitate their own internships with companies in the community. He will be on campus Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Career Center to meet with interested parties. Rosie Antonecchia indicated they would like to meet with departments regarding the program as
  • Interim Dean, CTEE, Paul Kelly shared new information regarding the CTE Program Approval Process. Things have changed and more information is required up front in order to receive the verbal go-ahead to create new programs, including labor market information, anticipated enrollment, and anticipated impact on programs in the
  • Interim VP Sourbeer demonstrated where to find the fund request forms to apply for Student Success and Equity Council monies. Dean Shayla Sivert indicated she had issues submitting the form and informed the group that, if that occurs, they can save the form as a pdf and email it to Michelle LaVigueur.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer shared that he has had several complaints regarding instructors leaving and letting students out early from class. He indicated all instructors are required by their contract to remain in class for their published hours, even if students leave early (for example, after taking a test). He requested assistance from Chairs and Directors in documenting and resolving attendance
  • Interim VP Sourbeer will be sending out links to the revised PRP forms with dates when training will be offered, following IPC approval of the forms at the 10/14/15
  • When working on COR reviews or changes, Interim VP Sourbeer advises working in groups comprised of the Department Chair, faculty originator, Dean (if available) and/or a divisional representative from the Curriculum Committee. Changes can be made on the spot and the COR should sail through
  • Fall scheduling is underway for 2016, using the new compressed calendar. Chairs and Directors are asked to work with their Deans.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer indicated divisions/departments should begin working on a 2-year grid for courses this fall. This will assist students with their educational pathway
  • Interim VP Sourbeer indicated there will be a meeting this month at Mt. Carmel High School to talk to the community about the South Center. There may also be an Open House at the South Center in November/December.
  • Faculty hiring was discussed and the priority list, approved by IPC, was distributed. Interim VP Sourbeer indicated the first 22 positions (not including Math 1 & English 1 which were already filled) will be posted first. After the FON is recalculated based on revised enrollment reports, additional positions may be
  • Calvin Onedeer Gavin presented on special programs including EOPS, CalWORKS and Trio, encouraging Chairs and Directors to inform students about these programs. He distributed brochures and information regarding the programs available, indicated the programs are recruiting, and offered to attend departmental meetings by

The meeting adjourned at 2:25 p.m.

Next Meeting November 6, 2015

SPC (05/05/15)

The following action and discussion took place at the May 5, 2015 meeting of the Strategic Planning Council:


  • MS (Titus/Sourbeer):  Approval of Staffing Master Plan Year 5 Update.  The motion carried.
  • MS (Sourbeer/Sebring):  Approval of Institution-Set Targets for IEPI.  The motion carried.


  • The Compressed Calendar Model was discussed
  • A STEM Title V Grant in partnership with CSUSM was discussed
  • The Strategic Plan 2016 – End of Year Progress Report on Year Two was reviewed
  • Michelle Barton led members in a formative evaluation of the program review and planning process
  • Strategic Plan 2016 Year 3 Goals and Objectives were discussed and agreed upon.  A draft Strategic Plan 2016 Year 3 Goals and Objectives will be reviewed at the August SPC meeting.
  • Berta Cuaron reported that the District submitted factual corrections to the draft report from the Accreditation Site-Visit Team
  • Kendyl Magnuson provided an enrollment update

Additional information including minutes, agenda, and exhibits can be found at the Strategic Planning Website:

Institution-Set Targets for IEPI are Exhibit 3.

To read the District’s Staffing Master Plan Year 5 Update, go to