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Chairs & Directors (12/2/16)

The following discussion took place at the December 2, 2016 Chairs & Directors Meeting:

  • Jenny Fererro encouraged faculty to look more critically at CORs in the initial steps of the approval process in order to increase the efficiency of the process and suggested that faculty originators have an additional set of eyes review CORs for errors/edits prior to being pushed through to the next step. She also provided a handout that explains how faculty can determine which courses are in need of review.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer stated that the College will be adding SLOs to CORs, reminding faculty to make sure there is a relationship between content, objectives, and SLOs.
  • Ryan Williams gave a presentation which included:
    • services and programs available to Camp Pendleton students,
    • layout of classrooms on base,
    • equipment and technology available to faculty and students,
    • reserve textbook availability at the base library,
    • bookstore delivery services, and
    • challenges to, and requirements for, getting on base as a student or faculty members.
  • Ryan also encouraged faculty to participate in the Military Ally workshop, which is offered every Fall.
  • April Cunningham and Kelly Falcone discussed their work on the Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) Grant in support of faculty who want to find an alternative to high cost textbooks. The grant is due on December 12th and a proposal is going to Senate on Monday, December 5th. Goals of the grant would be to:
    • raise awareness of ZTC options,
    • identify course sections with zero textbook costs, and
    • create potential programs that would not require textbooks for program completion.
  • Kelly Falcone announced the Palomar Leadership Exploration and Development (LEaD) Academy and stated that 23 applications have already been received and there is a balanced representation from all groups.
  • Dean Kahn reminded the group that a Distance Education Taskforce was created at the beginning of the semester to talk about challenges and barriers to the expansion of distance education. He then presented possible solutions identified by the task force.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer reported that Suzanne Sebring has nearly completed the new PRP form and that a timeline will now be created. This spring 1/3 of the departments will receive the comprehensive form and the other 2/3 will receive the follow-up form. Trainings on how to properly fill out the form will be offered during the winter break for faculty who are available.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer stated that work on the Fall schedule is ongoing. He reported that there will an increase focus on efficiency in order to meet the WSCH/FTEF goal.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer will email a form to the group, outlining the guidelines for non-credit courses.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer reported that Dr. Blake would like to create a food pantry for students and took a poll to determine if faculty would be in favor of converting the staff lounge in the student union into a food pantry. The group was supportive of the idea and encouraged Interim VP Sourbeer to poll staff as well and to provide an alternative option for part-time faculty who use that room.
  • Shayla Sivert encouraged all to contribute to the food and toy drive at the Dean’s happy hour at Cocina Del Charro on December 8th.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer reminded everyone that there is no longer a final exam schedule.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer asked that faculty be mindful of materials fees, as they tend to be growing and reminded faculty to invite students to continue their education into the Spring semester.
  • Jay Schultz announced that glass and ceramic sales are currently underway.
  • Patrick O’Brien announced that the counseling department will be fully staffed in January.
  • Tammy Weintraub announced that the library will be staffed during the intersession.

Accreditation Steering Committee (10/16/15)


The following discussion took place at the October 16, 2015 meeting of the Accreditation Steering Committee:


VP Sourbeer:

  • Informed the committee of the new accreditation standards published by ACCJC.
  • Reviewed the recent findings and recommendations of the Task Force formed by the Chancellor’s Office to evaluate the current state of accreditation of the California Community Colleges.
  • Reviewed the March 2015 Site Visit Recommendation and Commendations.
  • Updated the committee on the work being done to address the two recommendations that were received for non-compliance with the standards.
  • Recommendation 1

The Tutoring Committee is spearheading a pilot program of offer online tutoring to students who are enrolled in distance education courses or who are enrolled at Camp Pendleton.

Student Services is working to expand the breadth of services offered to students at Camp Pendleton to ensure services are commensurate with those offered at the San Marcos campus.

  • Recommendation 2

Interim President Gonzales has strongly encouraged managers to promote staff participation and engagement.

New surveys are being developed by IR&P to measure the awareness of and participation in shared governance.  The survey will likely mimic the 2013 Accreditation Employee  Survey, with modifications to elicit feedback and data to address the concerns outlined in Recommendation 2.

Additional information can be found at the Accreditation Website: