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Comet Information Exchange (CIE)

Connecting Committees and Councils through Communication



Click here to view a “how to” video for how to post to the CIE.


Instructions for reporters:

1. Choose one person from your committee/council to be your CIE reporter.

2. Send the reporter’s name to Kelly Falcone,

3. After receiving confirmation from Kelly, log into the CIE WordPress page (with your Palomar Email log-in). Then, click “Posts” and “Add New” on the left-hand side of the site’s dashboard to create a new post.

4. Create your bulleted, condensed meeting summary. (This is not meant to hold all of your meeting minutes, but rather just the important bullet points we should all be aware of).

Use the following this format:

Committee/Council Name:

Meeting Date:

Important Information:

  •  [use bullets]

Link to committee/council web page: [put the link to the committee/council web page where viewers can look at full minutes, once approved]

5. Paste your condensed, bulleted summary into the post area.  Note: Please do not embed documents such as PDF’s.  If you do, we lose one of the benefits of this tool, which is the ability to search all posts for specific words.   When the outline is posted as a document, rather than as text in the textbox, those posts will not populate in a search.

6. Select your committee/council from the Category list (lower right-hand side).

7. Please select or add a tag for major discussion items. For example, if your minutes discuss “Job Expo,” please make a tag for that item and click “Add.” (The purpose of tags is to allow people to search quickly for those topics in all posts.)

8. Click “Publish.”