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Category: Curriculum Committee

9/21/2016 Curriculum Committee


  • The curriculum portion of the PRP
  • Determining which courses may be suitable for the purposes of the AB 2462 Prior Leaning Bill
  • Minimum Qualifications on Course Outlines of Record
  • SLOs on Course Outlines of Record
  • Keeping Course Outlines of Record up-to-date utilizing our review process
  • The committee’s 2016-2017 goals


  • Deactivation of the Upholstery CP


  • Program deactivations in the INS area
  • A new Cert. of Achieve. in the BUS department
  • Course changes in AIS and POSC
  • Course deactivations in the CSIT, CSWB and WELD areas

Information and Reports

  • Five course outline reviews have completed the review process effective fall 2016
  • Revamping of AP 4260 Prerequisites, corequisites and Advisories continues with the workgroup recommending separation of curriculum and student service matters.
  • After a successful pilot, Academic Technology will be deciding on whether to continue using Canvas
  • The Accreditation follow-up report is ready to be mailed out and online tutoring is active
  • Palomar currently has 18 approved and active transfer degrees
  • There is no further funding available for this year for Basic Skills. The FYE students will be participating in a field trip to the Getty Villa for their fall trip (funded by an outside grant).
  • Ten courses were approved to be taught Distance Education
  • Learning Outcomes is discussing how to handle assessment of this year’s very broad Institutional Learning Outcome
  • Three courses were approved to meet the Multicultural requirement
  • Sixteen courses are pending approval by the Prerequisite Subcommittee
  • University Studies’ degrees are being explored in order to more formally integrate them into appropriate academic departments

Full meeting minutes, once approved, can be found at the Curriculum Committee Website: