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Chairs & Directors (12/2/16)

The following discussion took place at the December 2, 2016 Chairs & Directors Meeting:

  • Jenny Fererro encouraged faculty to look more critically at CORs in the initial steps of the approval process in order to increase the efficiency of the process and suggested that faculty originators have an additional set of eyes review CORs for errors/edits prior to being pushed through to the next step. She also provided a handout that explains how faculty can determine which courses are in need of review.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer stated that the College will be adding SLOs to CORs, reminding faculty to make sure there is a relationship between content, objectives, and SLOs.
  • Ryan Williams gave a presentation which included:
    • services and programs available to Camp Pendleton students,
    • layout of classrooms on base,
    • equipment and technology available to faculty and students,
    • reserve textbook availability at the base library,
    • bookstore delivery services, and
    • challenges to, and requirements for, getting on base as a student or faculty members.
  • Ryan also encouraged faculty to participate in the Military Ally workshop, which is offered every Fall.
  • April Cunningham and Kelly Falcone discussed their work on the Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) Grant in support of faculty who want to find an alternative to high cost textbooks. The grant is due on December 12th and a proposal is going to Senate on Monday, December 5th. Goals of the grant would be to:
    • raise awareness of ZTC options,
    • identify course sections with zero textbook costs, and
    • create potential programs that would not require textbooks for program completion.
  • Kelly Falcone announced the Palomar Leadership Exploration and Development (LEaD) Academy and stated that 23 applications have already been received and there is a balanced representation from all groups.
  • Dean Kahn reminded the group that a Distance Education Taskforce was created at the beginning of the semester to talk about challenges and barriers to the expansion of distance education. He then presented possible solutions identified by the task force.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer reported that Suzanne Sebring has nearly completed the new PRP form and that a timeline will now be created. This spring 1/3 of the departments will receive the comprehensive form and the other 2/3 will receive the follow-up form. Trainings on how to properly fill out the form will be offered during the winter break for faculty who are available.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer stated that work on the Fall schedule is ongoing. He reported that there will an increase focus on efficiency in order to meet the WSCH/FTEF goal.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer will email a form to the group, outlining the guidelines for non-credit courses.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer reported that Dr. Blake would like to create a food pantry for students and took a poll to determine if faculty would be in favor of converting the staff lounge in the student union into a food pantry. The group was supportive of the idea and encouraged Interim VP Sourbeer to poll staff as well and to provide an alternative option for part-time faculty who use that room.
  • Shayla Sivert encouraged all to contribute to the food and toy drive at the Dean’s happy hour at Cocina Del Charro on December 8th.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer reminded everyone that there is no longer a final exam schedule.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer asked that faculty be mindful of materials fees, as they tend to be growing and reminded faculty to invite students to continue their education into the Spring semester.
  • Jay Schultz announced that glass and ceramic sales are currently underway.
  • Patrick O’Brien announced that the counseling department will be fully staffed in January.
  • Tammy Weintraub announced that the library will be staffed during the intersession.

Chairs & Directors (10/14/16)

The following discussion took place at the October 14, 2016 Chairs & Directors Meeting:

  • Interim VP Sourbeer indicated to the group that the Tenure Evaluation and Review Board (TERB) office is in need of administrative assistance and asked that if anyone had staff from their area that had time to assist to please contact Lesley Williams. Further, he reported that student evaluation forms are now linked to individual instructions and classes. He asked that chairs carefully review Lesley’s recent emails and directions related to student evaluations.
  • Director of Fiscal Services, Carmen Coniglio gave a presentation on the new payment plan options that are being rolled out for spring enrollment. Suzanne Sebring will forward a copy of the PowerPoint to the group.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer gave an overview of the accreditation recommendation responses and informed the group that the accreditation follow-up visit will take place on October 24th.
  • Dean Shayla Sivert reported that the new process and documents related to part-time faculty recruiting are ready to be rolled out. In addition she, along with Justin Smiley and Christine Winterle, is working on updated onboarding procedures to go along with this process.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer outlined the structure of the newly revised Program Review and Planning process, which has been approved for implementation by Instructional Planning Council (IPC) and is now being vetted through this committee along with Faculty Senate. The new format has one third of the programs going through an in-depth Y1 process at a time, followed by a shorter Y2 and Y3 follow up. He asked for volunteers to go through the Y1 process in 2016-17. Volunteers included Jenny Fererro, Lacey Craft, Jackie Martin, Jay Schultz, and Melinda Carrillo. If anyone else would like to volunteer, please contact Suzanne Sebring. Other programs will use the old Y2 form this year.
  • Dean Jack Kahn showed the group the new Academic Spotlight on the Palomar website and asked that individual subscribe and encourage business/community partners to also subscribe. He also reviewed the new “Comet Suggestion Network” feature on the homepage of the website. This is located in the bottom right corner of the home page and has been designed in response to a request from staff during the last Classified Speaks event. Questions/suggestions will be reviewed by the President’s Office and forwarded to the appropriate area for response.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer indicated that the college is looking into Open Educational Resources (OERs) and Z-degrees (degrees requiring no textbooks). More information will be forthcoming.
  • Finally, various announcements were made including:
    1. Fast Track II is starting on Monday, October 17th.
    2. The Vice President, Human Resources recruitment has closed and the 1st level interviews will take place on October 28th.
    3. The Vice President, Instruction and the Dean, Math & Natural & Health Sciences should be posted soon.
    4. State-funded EOPS is closed for fall applications. Spring applications will be accepted beginning on November 1st.
    5. Federally-funded Trio/SSS recruitment is ongoing.
    6. The state does not have the Common Assessment tool ready. The college will be using multiple measures once Compass is no longer available.
    7. The Deans will be sponsoring a Happy Hour Toy/Food Drive on December 8th. More information to come.

Chairs & Directors (9/2/16)

The first Chairs & Directors meeting of the semester took place on September 2, 2016. Interim Vice President for Instruction Dan Sourbeer called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m.

  • Dean Sivert introduced Monique Dumbrique and Christine Winterle from Human Resource Services. Together they gave a presentation regarding draft policies and procedures created regarding the establishment of an unassigned part-time faculty pool. This will provide a way for departments to have a pool of vetted part-time faculty ready to assign to last minute openings or substitute positions. Dean Sivert asked those present to review the proposed process and send feedback to her no later than noon on September 9th.
  • Wendy Nelson discussed Student Learning Outcomes, asking chairs to enter any new or changed SLOs into TracDat as links on the website will soon be updated. Next, she discussed how SLO facilitators are designated, indicating that department chairs are ultimately responsible for ensuring the work of the SLO facilitator is complete, though they are able to appoint a designee if necessary.
  • Wendy Nelson invited everyone to a Professional Development Day mini-conference that will be held on Friday, October 7th from 8:00 am-4:15 pm in the Student Union, led by Tom Angelo.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer gave an overview regarding enrollment and related topics. He first explained the factors that contribute to how the college is funded. He further noted the college is in the second year of stability funding (a 3-year process), and our baseline funding we re-bench at the end of FY 17-18.
  • Next, Interim VP Sourbeer discussed how everyone is part of the team when it comes to enrollment management. He shared that enrollment has declined due to several factors including improved economy, loss of community involvement, changes in repeatability, etc. He emphasized the importance of scheduling to serve our students and community. Growth can be achieved through many avenues, including dual enrollment, concurrent enrollment, targeted classes/programs for the military, distance education, and creation/expansion of programs and opportunities with Career Technical and Extended Education (CTEE). The South Center will also offer growth to the District, but not in time to impact the re-benching of our baseline funding. Therefore, the other opportunities for growth need to be addressed immediately as we determine the needs of our community.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer outlined the structure of the newly revised Program Review and Planning process, which will be brought to Instructional Planning Council (IPC) for consideration soon. The new format has one third of the programs going through an in-depth Y1 process at a time, followed by a shorter Y2 and Y3 follow up. More information will be forthcoming.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer briefly discussed the Faculty Obligation Number (FON).  Because our enrollment numbers are down, it is unlikely the college will be hiring faculty from the general fund this year, unless required for program accreditation purposes.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer encouraged everyone to use the Comet Information Exchange (CIE) as a central location for learning about the conversations occurring on campus. This site houses meeting summaries and allows members of the campus community to communicate with their constituency representatives in order to contribute to these discussions.
  • Finally, Interim VP Sourbeer recognized all the work that VP Adrian Gonzales had done last year as Interim President and also commended the Deans on their efforts.

The meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

Chairs & Directors (5/6/16)

Interim Vice President for Instruction Dan Sourbeer called the meeting to order at 1:09 p.m.

  • Interim VP Sourbeer discussed enrollment management. Historically, summer enrollment is an indicator of fall enrollment. At this time, summer enrollment is down, but enrollment continues and the hope is these numbers will increase.
  • New announcements included the hiring of a new CTE Dean who will begin on July 1st, Margie Fritch. In addition, a marketing firm is being selected who will work with faculty and staff to redefine Palomar and make sure the community knows what we have to offer.
  • Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) had a presentation on the South Center and voted unanimously to move forward. The Board will be discussing the South Center at an upcoming Board workshop.
  • A lot of collaboration is occurring between Palomar and its K-12 districts. Discussions and activities including dual enrollment, CSU remediation, cohort groups for summer classes, and noncredit opportunities through the Adult Education Block Grant are underway.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer informed the group that the IPC approved the subcommittee recommended top 20 positions to hire for 2017-18. It is possible that hiring will not occur next year, as our numbers are down and significant hiring is taking place this year.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer indicated that IPC is working on approval of PRP funding allocations. The goal is to allocate lottery funds at the beginning of each fiscal year for regular operating expenses. The remainder of lottery funds and block grant funds will be allocated for one time or short term uses at the end of the fiscal year. Those funds will be available July 1st of the next fiscal year and must be used within that year.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer discussed the need for increased money for conference/travel. He is working with the Foundation to secure an allocation. This might be coordinated through Professional Development. He asked those present if getting a more significant allocation every four (4) years or so would be a better option than having a smaller amount available. The consensus was this would preferred. Rand Green mentioned that travel for professional development and travel for training (updating of certifications, etc.) should be viewed differently.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer discussed topics from a recent CIO conference which included regionalization of funding, including AEBG and some of the CTE initiatives. In addition 25 recommendations from the Taskforce on Workforce were discussed. Strategic planning in regard to these recommendations will take place over the summer.
  • Interim President Gonzales, Interim VP Sourbeer, and Acting VP Stockert visited Arizona State University last week to tour the campus and learn about transfer opportunities for Palomar students.
  • Work on the accreditation recommendations continues and will be finalized over the summer.
  • The Policies & Procedures committee will be addressing the free speech policies and procedures at 9:00 am in Room H-306 on May 13th. BP 3900 & AP 3900 are attached for your review.
  • Dean Kahn introduced the Instructional Showcase Advertising Team, including Chris Norcross, Melinda Finn, Kelly Helming and Abby Algarin. This team has been working on a tool for our website that has been developed to showcase programs and activities occurring at Palomar. Events can be share through various social media and flyers can be automatically generated using this tool as well.
  • Dean Sivert, Debra Avila, and Chris Norcross discussed a tool called the SkillShop Site Calendar that is being developed to be a one-stop destination for students to see what workshops are available to assist them in meeting their educational needs. The calendar is color coded and can be filtered by category and/or campus locations to see what SkillShops are being offered.
  • Chris Norcross demonstrated how to use the new Open Class Search Tool, which has been launched and allows filtering of open classes to find a course needed by the individual student, depending on their educational goal.
  • Dean Sivert mentioned that the look of e-services is changing. She asked that Directors and Department Chairs inform their faculty.
  • Dean Sivert also discussed the progress of the creation of a part-time faculty pool and the steps to be used when utilizing this resource, which she hopes to see up and running this summer. We will continue to streamline the process collectively.
  • Marty Furch and Wendy Nelson discussed work of the Learning Outcomes Council and GE-ILO assessments. They also discussed the job of the SLO facilitator and offered recommendations as to how this position should be structured/filled in the future.
  • Interim Dean Kailikole gave an update on the status of the HSI STEM Proposal. We will not know until June or July if the college will be receiving funding. Interim Dean Kailikole, Interim Dean Blanchard and Dean Kahn and working on another STEM grant. Information will be presented to the Faculty Senate on May 16th.
  • Interim Director Harris explained to faculty that they do not issue medical excuses to students and ask that faculty not send them to the Health Center for this reason.

The meeting adjourned at 2:53 p.m.

Chairs & Directors (12/4/15)

Chairs & Directors

Interim Vice President for Instruction Dan Sourbeer called the meeting to order at 1:07 p.m.

• Dean Jack Kahn followed up on the Follett Discover presentation given by Najib Manea at the last meeting. He answered questions indicating 1) current data will be integrated into the new system – you will not have to start over, and 2) there is flexibility with participation and those who do not wish to use Blackboard may continue to handle their adoptions via phone or email. Given this flexibility, the decision was made to move forward with the integration of Follett Discover Adopt & Access.

• Dean Brian Stockert introduced the college’s new Articulation Officer, Benjamin Mudgett. He also indicated a new DRC Director will be starting after the January Board Meeting.

• Interim VP Sourbeer opened a discussion of the failed Presidential search, indicating the process would be starting over in the spring.

• Interim VP Sourbeer then outlined how he expected the district to move forward in a number of areas this spring. Some of the gaps in Administration will be filled. The Governing Board will be asked to approve Dr. Kathleen Kailikole as Interim Dean for MNHS at its January 12th meeting. The District is currently advertising for the Dean, CTEE and may go out for the Dean, AMBCS position later this spring. Mollie Smith has taken a Dean’s position in Long Beach City College. In her absence, Barbara Blanchard will be the lead administrator for the Adult Education Block Grant. The possibility of reorganizing the college will also be considered. VP Sourbeer also addressed the South Center. A new parking study is being conducted as part of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR), and this addition to the EIR will likely delay opening the South Center to spring 2018. The district will likely identify a Director for the South Center relatively soon to coordinate all the details of the opening, and get out into the community to form relationships and determine needs for scheduling purposes.

• Spring Enrollment is currently down. Outreach and marketing strategies are needed to increase enrollment. Relationships with the high schools are being formed as are relationships with the business community in order to strengthen pathways. The benefit of internship relationships was also discussed.

• There is a PRP workgroup that will be active in early spring to look at the process. Interim VP Sourbeer requested that chairs make notes as they are working on filling out the forms this year in order to provide feedback to the workgroup.

• Interim VP Sourbeer updated the group on the progress with the Accreditation recommendations.

• Construction for the STEM Center will begin over the break and will, hopefully, be completed by March.

• The district is expanding its international relationships. Representatives from CSUSM introduced the administration to individuals with ties to universities in China. They are interested in developing “2 + 1” programs (2 years in China, 1 year at Palomar) in Child Development, Kinesiology, and Drafting Technology, with the possibility of expanding to other programs in the future. A similar relationship may also develop with universities in Korea.

• Interim VP Sourbeer discussed the need to publicize the fall 2016 compressed calendar and new schedule in the spring to make sure students are the community are aware of the upcoming changes.

The meeting adjourned at 2:08 p.m.

Next Meeting
February 5, 2016

Chairs and Directors (11/6/15)

In Interim Vice President for Instruction Dan Sourbeer’s absence, Dean Shayla Sivert called the meeting to order at 1:08 p.m.

  • Interim President Adrian Gonzales discussed what Executive Leadership has been working on this fall, including discussion about what’s hurting Palomar as a college and addressing financial issues. He then opened the floor for questions and concerns.
  • Concerns about the block schedule were voiced by the Life Sciences Department.
    Najib Manea, Manager of Academic Technology, showed a tutorial video on Follett Discover Adopt & Access, indicating this is being considered at Palomar for future integration and asked for feedback from faculty. The tutorial can be viewed at
  • Dean Shayla Sivert discussed how PRP forms are accessed. Rand Green asked in what browser the copy/paste function works. Discussion ensued about the PRP deadline and many asked that it be extended until the 3rd week of classes next semester. Shayla said that she would check in with VP Sourbeer.
  • Dean Shayla Sivert discussed fall scheduling and some faculty asked about exceptions and flexibility with the block scheduling. Dean Sivert responded that she would speak with Interim VP Dan Sourbeer and Richard Loucks about this issue.
  • Rico Bianchi with TTIP South gave a presentation on CCC Confernow (ZOOM) online meetings through Blackboard Collaborate. He explained that faculty/staff can log into for a free membership.
  • Dean Shayla Sivert demonstrated the Comet Information Exchange (CIE), which has been set up as a one-stop shop for campus information from councils and committees. CIE can be accessed at

The meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

Next Meeting
December 4, 2015

Chairs & Directors Meeting, 10/2/15

Meeting Summary Chairs and Directors Meeting October 2, 2015

Interim Vice President for Instruction Dan Sourbeer called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m.

  • Eric Briggs, Internship Coordinator at Palomar for this academic year, gave a presentation on the program. The goal of the program is to ready students to facilitate their own internships with companies in the community. He will be on campus Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Career Center to meet with interested parties. Rosie Antonecchia indicated they would like to meet with departments regarding the program as
  • Interim Dean, CTEE, Paul Kelly shared new information regarding the CTE Program Approval Process. Things have changed and more information is required up front in order to receive the verbal go-ahead to create new programs, including labor market information, anticipated enrollment, and anticipated impact on programs in the
  • Interim VP Sourbeer demonstrated where to find the fund request forms to apply for Student Success and Equity Council monies. Dean Shayla Sivert indicated she had issues submitting the form and informed the group that, if that occurs, they can save the form as a pdf and email it to Michelle LaVigueur.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer shared that he has had several complaints regarding instructors leaving and letting students out early from class. He indicated all instructors are required by their contract to remain in class for their published hours, even if students leave early (for example, after taking a test). He requested assistance from Chairs and Directors in documenting and resolving attendance
  • Interim VP Sourbeer will be sending out links to the revised PRP forms with dates when training will be offered, following IPC approval of the forms at the 10/14/15
  • When working on COR reviews or changes, Interim VP Sourbeer advises working in groups comprised of the Department Chair, faculty originator, Dean (if available) and/or a divisional representative from the Curriculum Committee. Changes can be made on the spot and the COR should sail through
  • Fall scheduling is underway for 2016, using the new compressed calendar. Chairs and Directors are asked to work with their Deans.
  • Interim VP Sourbeer indicated divisions/departments should begin working on a 2-year grid for courses this fall. This will assist students with their educational pathway
  • Interim VP Sourbeer indicated there will be a meeting this month at Mt. Carmel High School to talk to the community about the South Center. There may also be an Open House at the South Center in November/December.
  • Faculty hiring was discussed and the priority list, approved by IPC, was distributed. Interim VP Sourbeer indicated the first 22 positions (not including Math 1 & English 1 which were already filled) will be posted first. After the FON is recalculated based on revised enrollment reports, additional positions may be
  • Calvin Onedeer Gavin presented on special programs including EOPS, CalWORKS and Trio, encouraging Chairs and Directors to inform students about these programs. He distributed brochures and information regarding the programs available, indicated the programs are recruiting, and offered to attend departmental meetings by

The meeting adjourned at 2:25 p.m.

Next Meeting November 6, 2015