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Category: Accreditation Steering Committee

Accreditation Steering Committee (10/16/15)


The following discussion took place at the October 16, 2015 meeting of the Accreditation Steering Committee:


VP Sourbeer:

  • Informed the committee of the new accreditation standards published by ACCJC.
  • Reviewed the recent findings and recommendations of the Task Force formed by the Chancellor’s Office to evaluate the current state of accreditation of the California Community Colleges.
  • Reviewed the March 2015 Site Visit Recommendation and Commendations.
  • Updated the committee on the work being done to address the two recommendations that were received for non-compliance with the standards.
  • Recommendation 1

The Tutoring Committee is spearheading a pilot program of offer online tutoring to students who are enrolled in distance education courses or who are enrolled at Camp Pendleton.

Student Services is working to expand the breadth of services offered to students at Camp Pendleton to ensure services are commensurate with those offered at the San Marcos campus.

  • Recommendation 2

Interim President Gonzales has strongly encouraged managers to promote staff participation and engagement.

New surveys are being developed by IR&P to measure the awareness of and participation in shared governance.  The survey will likely mimic the 2013 Accreditation Employee  Survey, with modifications to elicit feedback and data to address the concerns outlined in Recommendation 2.

Additional information can be found at the Accreditation Website: