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Author: Lori Waite

Basic Skills Committee

The following discussion took place at the September 15, 2016 meeting of the Basic Skills Committee:


  • 16/17 Academic Year long term goals were approved.
  • Funding Rubric to request BSI funds were approved.
  • Members for Funding Subcommittee were approved (Kevin Kearney, Ruth Barnaba, Benhui Zou, Dana O’Callaghan, Lee Chen).


  • 7th year anniversary of Summer Bridge (98 participants in Summer 2016).
  • 2016-17 FYE cohort consist of 192 students. The Fall 2016 FYE fieldtrip will be to the Getty Villa.
  • Fill rates and┬áretention rates remain strong for all Fall 2016┬áLearning Communities.
  • Village Mentoring model is being rexamined.
  • TLC San Marcos campus is offering a total of 18 skillshops in Fall 2016.
  • TLC Escondido center is offering a total of 13 skillshops in Fall 2016.
  • 2016-17 Basic Skills Action Plan is suspended (CCCCO).

Full meeting minutes, once approved, can be found at the Basic Skills Initiative website: