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IPC (2/28/18)

Vice President for Instruction, Dr. Jack S. Kahn called the meeting to order at 2:35 p.m.

  • Announcements
    • IPC Timeline reminders – VPI Kahn reported that the college will be reviewing our Educational Master Plan. A plan update meeting will most likely be scheduled during our next IPC meeting on March 14, 2018.
    • Lunch with Palomar – VPI Kahn reported that he met with leaders at SMUSD and discussed working more collaboratively to benefit our current and future students. We will be planning a “Lunch with Palomar” once a month at San Marcos High School and Mission Hills High School.
    • March industry event – South Center – VPI Kahn announced that he has been working with connecting faculty to industry and an event will be held at the Cork and Craft in Rancho Bernardo on March 22, 2018.
    • Budget Development – VPI Kahn reported that he will be asking the Deans to work with Department Chairs to review any areas within their budgets that have a history of being unspent prior to the budget development process. There was discussion around the budget development procedures.
    • FT2 Courses – VPI Kahn announced that new spring 2018 FT2 courses are now being marketed.
    • Educational Master Plan committee – VPI Kahn announced that the Educational Master Plan committee is in need of two IPC faculty members. Barb Kelber and Dr. Glyn Bongolan volunteered to serve on this committee.
  • Approve minutes – February 14, 2018 – MSC – (Bongolan/Kelber):  The minutes for February 14, 2018 were approved and accepted into the record with an abstention from Katy Farrell and Ellen Weller.
  • IPC Membership – Action Item/First Reading (IV.A.3) – VPI Kahn requested that we move this item to Second Reading. MSC – (Bongolan/Kelber) – Motion to move IPC Membership – Action Item/First Reading to Action Item/Second Reading.  Motion carried with an abstention from Ellen Weller.
    • Add Members:
      • Instructional Services Office Manager
        • All in favor: 14
        • Not in favor: 2
        • Abstention:    1
        • Motion carried.
      • ASG representative (additional)
        • All in favor:   10
        • Not in favor:    6
        • Abstention:      1Motion carried.
  • Book Club – Redesigning America’s Community Colleges – Chapter 2 – Guiding Students – Topics discussed were:
    • Orientation and Registration
    • Performance-based funding and making the orientation process easier for our students
    • College success skills classes having a short-term impact on students
    • Instruction supporting Counseling and understanding the Education Plan
    • Offering a PD workshop on the 10 components that need to be touched in the Orientation process and the SSSP process
  • VPI Rubric– Attachment B – VPI Kahn asked the Council to review the rubric and bring any suggestions to the next IPC meeting.
  • Gainful Employment Certificates (I.A.3) – Richard Loucks reported that the letters for the review of the 35 programs went out last week to Department Chairs and Deans with a March 15, 2018 deadline.
  • Waitlists Workgroup – Update – Kelly Falcone reported that there is an issue with students enrolling in a class before those on a wait list. If the class starts, there are students on the wait list and someone in the class drops, a new student is able to add the class during the beginning phase of the class when no permission code is needed to add.  She advised that we change that setting to reflect that if someone drops, a person on the waitlist can enroll.  Kelly Falcone and Dr. Barbara Kelber will meet with Dr. Magnuson to address this and report back to IPC.
  • Allocation Workgroup – VPI Kahn reported that he is putting together an Allocation Workgroup that will assist the Schedule Planning team by discussing ways to improve the process and be more collaborative. Barbara Kelber and Susan Snow volunteered to serve on this workgroup.
  • FON – Faculty Hiring (III.A.7)
    • Process to hire outside faculty – VPI Kahn recommended that IPC create a process to hire faculty from outside current disciplines. Our current process is set up so that people are advocating for faculty within existing areas.  There was a recommendation to provide some rationale and review the policy.
  • Standing Reports
    • Accreditation – VPI Kahn reported that we are working on our Mid-Term report and a Substantive Change for the North Center.
    • Enrollment – VPI Kahn reported that our enrollment is currently flat.
    • 3SP/SE/NC3SP/BSI
      • Dean Sivert reported that BSI is holding their second Partners in Learning meeting today, February 28, 2018 with local high schools. There will be one representative from CSUSM and a group of about 35 at the meeting.
      • Glyn Bongolan reported that they are restructuring the Workgroups in SSEC and discussing Guided Pathways.
    • LOC – Katy Farrell reported that they are working with Najib Manea to link Learning Outcomes into Canvas. They are also working with ACCJC recommendations and reports around student learning course outcomes and objectives.  She asked the Council to update information in TracDat.
    • CTEE – Dean Fritch reported that a Strong Workforce workshop was held on Monday, February 26, 2018 to apply for Perkins funds. Perkins applications are due by March 15, 2018.
    • PD – Dr. Kelly Falcone reported that the Equal Opportunity Hiring Committee Training is this week and there are still spots available.
    • CSUSM ADTs – VPI Kahn reported that he will be attending a CSUSM ADT discussion this Friday, March 2, 2018.
    • IRP – David Vazquez reported that IRP is currently conducting a CCSSE survey and a separate faculty survey.

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