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IPC (1/31/18)

Vice President for Instruction, Dr. Jack S. Kahn called the meeting to order at 2:31 p.m.

  • Announcements
    • New Members – The new Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Dr. Pearl Ly was introduced by the new Dean of Arts, Media and Business Administration, Justin Smiley.
    • Accreditation Training “Party” on 2/14/18 at 12:30 p.m. in AA-140 (I.C.12) – VPI Kahn announced that IPC will be watching an Accreditation Training video on Wednesday, 2/14/18 and the link to sign up is here:
    • Doctorates – VPI Kahn announced that Kelly Falcone received her Doctor of Education, specialization in Educational Leadership and Technology – EDD/ET.
    • Faculty hires – VPI Kahn announced all of the new Faculty hires, those that are posted online and those that will be posted soon.
    • Guided Pathways Self-Assessment Tool draft and plan update (I.B.4) – VPI Kahn announced that the Guided Pathways draft plan was sent out as Information to IPC, SSPC and SSEC today – January 31, 2018. It will go as First Reading to Faculty Senate on February 5, 2018 and to SPC on February 6, 2018.
    • March industry event – South Center – VPI Kahn announced that an event will be held at Cork and Craft in Rancho Bernardo on March 22, 2018 in an effort to connect our faculty with folks in the industries around the south center.
    • NOHEs – VPI Kahn announced that all NOHEs need prior approval before the work begins.
    • Upgrade to our CurricUNET system – Cheryl Kearse announced that Palomar College will be upgrading our CurricUNET software this spring.
  • Approve minutes – December 13, 2017 – MSC – (Bongolan/Kelber):  The minutes for December 13, 2017 were approved and accepted into the record with an abstention from Susan Snow.
  • North/South Center presentation – VPI Kahn gave a presentation on the North and South Centers. The Dual Enrollment work we have been doing was acknowledged.  There was discussion around the online programs and ensuring there is faculty input as the partnerships are created.  The possibility of University Centers was discussed.
  • New Instructional Program Approval process (II.A.1) (Attachment A) – VPI Kahn reviewed the Instructional Program Approval process that is already in place.
  • Book Club – Redesigning America’s Community Colleges – (Attachment B) – Dr. Kelly Falcone discussed the Book Club timeline. She suggested that the Council read the book together and discuss it at IPC meetings throughout the spring 2018 semester.  There is also a Workshop Series available through PD for the spring 2018 and sign-ups are available at the PD website:
  • Resource Allocation Process (I.B.6)
    • Review Timeline – VPI Kahn reviewed the updated IPC timeline with the Council.
    • Review Resource Allocation form VPI Kahn reviewed the online Resource Allocation form:  There was discussion among the Council around the new Facilities and Technology questions added to the form.  VPI Kahn advised that he will contact IS regarding the process and report their suggestions back to the Council at the next meeting on February 14, 2018.
  • Funding Update – VPI Kahn reported that the Instructional Services Division has approximately $120,000.00 this fiscal year to allocate out for the Program Review and Resource requests.
  • Review Faculty Prioritization Timeline – VP Kahn reported that we have a new process for the Faculty Prioritization Requests that will be completed online.
  • Gainful Employment Certificates (I.A.3) – Richard Loucks reported that Palomar College has a deactivation policy on our Curriculum website:  He reported that we have approximately 35 programs that over the last 4 years (2012-16) in aggregate have given out about 68 certificates (4 or less certificates awarded) or 2 each and none of these programs are being identified as “at risk”.  He handed out an At-Risk Instructional Program Evaluation form to deactivate programs to begin that discussion and process of evaluating at-risk instructional programs.  Richard reported that he will make the changes to the form and bring it back to the next IPC meeting on February 14, 2018.  There was consensus among the Council that the 35 programs will be sent out to the Deans to discuss with their Department Chairs and they will bring feedback to IPC on February 14, 2018.
  • PRP Feedback – VPI Kahn led the discussion regarding the PRP informal comments placed in the columns of the PRP forms on the Google documents, asking if they should be left or taken off when the final documents are forward to IRP. There was discussion among the Council on the value of the comments to the writer.   There was consensus among the Council to remove the comments on the final document, but leaving them on the Google document.
    • Overall – VPI Kahn reported that there are some PRPs that are in need of changes and/or improvement. He asked the Council if the departments should be given more time to make the changes or redo their PRP next year.  There was consensus among the Council to give departments more time to revise their PRPs.
  • Standing Reports
    • CTEE – Dean Fritch reported that they hired Monique Lineback, Assistant Professor, Nursing (Simulation Coordinator) in Nursing Education and Ashley Wolter, Assistant Professor, Welding in Trade & Industry for spring 2018. Barb Kelber reported that the Transitions programs had a productive visit to Vista Detention Facility.
    • SLO – Katy Farrell reported that the SLOAC coordinators are planning for the ACCJC Annual Report which is due in March 2018. She advised that we need to continue to demonstrate ongoing assessment and encouraged the Council to input results, reflections and assessments into TracDat.


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