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IPC (12/13/17)

The following discussion and action took place at the December 13, 2017 meeting of the Instructional Planning Council:

Director, Occupational and Noncredit Programs, Suzanne Sebring called the meeting to order at 2:33 p.m.

  • Approve minutes – November 29, 2017 – MSC – (Fritch/Smiley):  The minutes for November 29, 2017 were approved and accepted into the record with an abstention from Mark Bealo.
  • Second Reading – Integrated Draft plan – Olga Diaz presented the Council with an updated Integrated Draft plan with minimal updates to the text; most of the updates were in regards to the budget.  MSC – (Fritch/Bongolan): The Integrated Draft plan was approved.  All were in favor.
  • FON – Faculty Hiring (III.A.7)
    • Process to hire outside faculty – The College is currently in the process of hiring the first six faculty from last year’s priority list.
  • Guided Pathways Self-Assessment Tool draft and plan update (I.B.4) – The Guided Pathways Self-Assessment Tool was approved by the Governing Board and will be submitted to the State. There is a team comprised of five faculty members, the Senate President, the VPI and additional members who will be moving forward with the work on the Self-Assessment tool.
  • Gainful Employment Certificates (I.A.3) – Richard Loucks presented data showing that 109 programs have awarded less than 15 certificates in the last four year period and then proposed a program development template for evaluation of programs that have not historically been pursued by students or have not been offered in a number of years. Richard then asked for feedback from the Council to improve the template.
  • IPC Membership – Action Item/Second Reading (IV.A.3) – Add Members: PD Coordinator – MSC – (Bealo/Fritch): To add PD Coordinator to the IPC membership. All were in favor.
  • Accreditation Training (I.C.12) – VPI Kahn will be hosting an “Accreditation Training Party” on December 21st and is inviting anyone who would like to attend and complete the ACCJC Standards training.
  • IPC Processes (I.B.5) (I.B.9)
    • Reminder of due dates – The due date for PRPs December 13, 2017. Kelly Falcone recommended that all comments left in the PRPs be included in the feedback box in the bottom. The Council also suggested that faculty be informed of the IPC reviewer feedback in order to make revisions prior to review of the VPI.
  • For spring 2018 semester – PRP forms to include proposed classes and new programs pre-curriculum.  A workgroup will be establish for the spring to look into the process of proposing courses and programs through the PRP.
  • Standing Reports
    • Accreditation – The Substantive Change Proposal for the South Education Center will be presented to the Governing Board for review in January 2018, followed by submission to ACCJC.
    • 3SP/SE/NC3SP/BSI – The Basic Skills Learning Partnership was attended by local high school teachers and faculty from CSUSM and Palomar College who shared instructional strategies. Two additional workshops are schedule for the spring to identify why students are coming into college unprepared.
    • CTEE – The first meeting of the Career Education Committee took place last week and the next meeting will be held on February 8th. Mark Bealo informed the Council that he may not be able to continue as the faculty CTEE liaison because the position does not come with release time or funding.
    • PD – Final Plenary agenda will be sent out on Friday for the January 25th Also have other workshops that will be sent out as well. Leadership academy January 10th-12th, Workshops for hiring in January and March.

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